Energy Innovations

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Customer Renewable Programs

In the past, generation of electricity took place only at power plants. This is referred to as centralized generation. Distributed energy resources, or DER, refers to smaller generators located throughout the energy grid, such as private rooftop solar systems mounted on customers' homes and businesses.

Hawaii leads the country in customer-sited DER and we have several programs available to customers who want to offset their energy bill by investing in clean energy generation.

CER Strategy (PDF)

Which Renewable Program is for You?

Each customer has unique variables that determine their clean energy needs. Are you interested in installing solar panels on your roof and exporting excess energy back to the grid to receive credits on your electric bill? Do you live in an apartment so are not able to install a rooftop system? Are you interested in generating your own power to offset the energy costs of your business? These questions are a good starting point to help point you in the right direction.

For residential and small business customers who want to reduce their bills by installing solar systems that meet specific program requirements.

For customers who cannot or choose not to install private rooftop solar systems to get some of the benefits of clean, renewable electricity by subscribing to a renewable energy facility.

For large business and commercial customers who want to generate and consume their own electricity with no system size limitation.