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Builders, Developers & Contractors

Looking to upgrade, modify, or install a new electrical service?

  • New or increased electrical service to a facility
  • Temporary electrical service to a facility
  • Upgrade of existing electrical service to a facility
  • Removal or relocation of existing electrical service to a facility
  • Consolidation, relocation or modification of existing meter arrangement at an existing facility
  • Other project types:
    • Blanketing electric lines, request stand by-man, de-energize Hawaiian Electric service, disconnect/reconnect Hawaiian Electric facilities, relocate/remove/reconstruct Hawaiian Electric facilities, pole bracing, pre-service requests which include, but are not limited to: general inquiry, power feasibility/availability, master plan requirements or pre-conceptual design analysis

Before filling out and submitting the forms below, please take the time to review our current manuals and engineering specifications. By completing the forms properly and including all necessary information, you will help clarify project requirements and reduce processing time for our team.

Global supply chain issues are impacting Hawaiian Electric’s ability to purchase materials and equipment, including some types of transformers and cables, which are resulting in longer lead times. We are doing everything we can to minimize impact on construction projects, including sourcing equipment and materials through a diverse pool of suppliers – but this is not a local phenomenon. Builders and developers should also plan for their own supply-chain challenges, i.e. the availability of meter cans and other electrical equipment. As such, Hawaiian Electric strongly encourages builders and developers to start the service request process much further in advance.

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Commercial and residential builders, developers, and contractors can use our Electrical Service Request Form* to have electric service turned on for projects.

Electrical Service Request Form*

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*All information provided by Customer will be relied upon by Hawaiian Electric to provide the services being requested. Hawaiian Electric does not assume any obligation or responsibility to Customer to ensure accuracy or correctness of such information. To the extent permissible by law, Customer agrees to bear all risk and costs incurred by Hawaiian Electric should the information provided by Customer is deemed to be incorrect or inaccurate.

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