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Our fast charger pricing varies by island, and is based on the time of day you charge and the number of kilowatt-hours charged. View our fast charging rates

Fast Charging

About Hawaiian Electric's Fast Chargers

Hawaiian Electric's DC Fast Chargers can provide a typical electric vehicle with over 40 miles of additional range in just 15 minutes. Drivers who charge during the day can expect lower rates.

Hawaiian Electric is committed to supporting electric vehicles. For the benefit of EV drivers, we own and operate a network DC fast chargers across our service territory.

Hawaiian Electric’s network of public DC fast chargers are operating under a pilot program that was approved in 2013 by the Public Utilities Commission. Since then, we have installed DC fast chargers on Oahu, Maui, Molokai, and Hawaii Island. In January 2020, we further increased our portfolio of DC fast chargers by assuming ownership and operation of four charging sites that were previously a part of the EVohana network on Maui. As of 2023, we have completed installation of all locations allowed under the DC fast charger pilot program.

As part of our commitment to catalyzing widespread transportation electrification, we have filed a proposal with the Public Utilities Commission to expand our public charging network by an additional 150 DC fast charging ports and up to 300 Level 2 ports. The proposal is currently under review and pending a decision.

Here is some additional information regarding which vehicles are compatible with our chargers:

  • Our charging stations support vehicles with a standard CHAdeMO or CCS connector.
  • Our charging stations have both standard connector options, but can only charge one vehicle at a time.
  • CHAdeMO connectors are used in some Japanese vehicles, most commonly the Nissan Leaf.
  • CCS connectors are used in American, European and Korean EVs, as well as in some newer Japanese vehicles.
  • Tesla vehicles require a CHAdeMO or CCS adaptor to use our stations. Adaptors can be purchased from the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Most plug-in hybrid vehicles and some older EV models are not equipped to fast charge.

We value your input! Let us know where you want to see a new EV charging station.

How to Use Hawaiian Electric's Fast Chargers

Using fast chargers is quick and easy. Just follow these four steps:

EV Pay

1. Pay

Fast chargers accept the following payment types:

  • Credit Card
  • Shell Recharge or OpConnect App (available on Google Play or the App Store)
  • Shell Recharge (formerly Greenlots) or OpConnect Network Card

Setting up an account with either app requires minimum balance. If you have any questions or need help with charger apps, please contact:

EV Port Type

2. Select your connector type

Choose between CHAdeMO or CCS connector.

EV Plug in and Charge

3. Plug in and charge

Plug the selected connector into your vehicle and follow the on-screen prompts to begin your charging session.

Several CHAdeMO connectors are inoperable across our network of public fast chargers due to damage from vandalism or frequent misusage. We are actively working with the manufacturer to receive replacement cables. Currently, we do not have an expected timeline, but we endeavor to restore these CHAdeMO connectors to service as soon as possible. Mahalo for your patience and understanding.

Quick note: Here are some tips for using the CHAdeMo port and adapters. Tesla vehicles require an adapter to use our stations. Adapters can be purchased from the vehicle manufacturer.

EV End your Charge Session

4. End your charge session

To end your session, follow the charger's on-screen prompts or end the session through the network provider's mobile app. To avoid damaging the equipment, NEVER remove the connector from the vehicle while actively charging. The red emergency stop button should ONLY be used in case of emergency.

Charging Etiquette

To ensure a smooth and safe experience with our fast chargers, we've outlined some charging etiquette tips:

  • Only park in a designated charging space when you are actively charging.
  • While there is no time limit for active charging, we ask that you promptly unplug and move your vehicle once your charge is finished.
  • If others are waiting, consider wrapping up once your EV is 80% charged. Most EVs slow the charging rate once it's 80% full.
  • Consider charging more frequently for shorter sessions to allow more people to use the fast charger.
  • Do not unplug other EVs from charging stations unless they've left a note giving permission to do so.
  • Please return the plug and cord to their proper place after using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about electric vehicles and charging.

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