Online Outage Tools

Watch how to view and report outages online!

Report Power Outages

Call 1-855-304-1212 if you are currently experiencing a power outage. Report online >

Power Outages

Before reporting an outage, check to see if your neighbors still have power. If they do, check your home circuit breakers or fuses to help determine if your electric service loss might be a result of a household problem.

Oahu Outage Map

Want to see if there is an outage in your area? Check out our online Oahu outage map for information and updates on the latest outages. See outage map >

Report an Outage Online

We now offer an easy-to-use online method for customers to report a power outage without having to call our outage hotline. Report an outage online >

The Hawaiian Electric Mobile App

Our mobile app for Apple and Android devices gives you faster and easier access to important information. You can get status reports of known outages, view outages near your current location, and report outages from your phone. Learn More >

Report an Outage by Phone

Hawaiian Electric's Trouble Line: 1-855-304-1212, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Please call Hawaiian Electric and provide:
    • Your address and your situation
    • Time the power outage started
    • Probable cause of the outage (i.e. a car accident, a fallen pole, etc.)
  • During an emergency, please limit calls to help keep phone lines open. Call only if you don't hear a status report for an outage in your area or if you need to report a downed line or pole.

Life Support & Emergency Equipment

Let us know if you or anyone living in your home is dependent on life support or emergency equipment so that we can address this for planned maintenance outages. However, because unplanned outages can and do occur, it is important for customers on life support or in need of emergency equipment to make alternate plans should the power go.