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The moratorium on disconnections has ended and payment arrangement options are available. Read our latest COVID-19 updates.

Save Energy and Money

Save Energy & Money

You can lower your electric bill with free tools and resources from Hawaiian Electric.

Save Energy & Money

Hawaiian Electric is committed to producing and delivering electricity to our customers at a reasonable price. We care about the community and its economic and environmental well-being. That is why we encourage the efficient use of energy and the use of energy-saving technologies. Efficient energy use helps you to save money and reduces the overall demand for electricity and the building of additional power plants, which in turn preserves our precious environment.

If you're looking for simple habits and easy home improvements for energy savings, check out our Household Tips and Resources. You can also calculate your energy consumption to identify appliances with the highest energy costs.

Customers looking to further manage their energy use and save money can view our collection of energy saving guides and publications or learn more about our optional Time of Use rate plan. Businesses can view our Energy Conservation Kits for Businesses for ideas on how to save money on energy costs.

Free Online Home Energy Check

Learn how you can save money and electricity by taking inventory of your household's energy use