Start, Stop or Move Service

Continuous Service for Property Owners & Managers

The Continuous Service Program helps landlords and property managers continue electric service for their properties when they are in between tenants, without having to manually initiate a new start service request. In order to be eligible for this program, you must maintain timely bill payment on all open accounts.

In addition to the convenience of your electric service remaining on between tenants, other benefits of enrolling include:

  • Waiver of the $20 Service Establishment Fee, which is normally charged every time a new service account is established
  • A fixed account number will be established for each unit, which makes it easy for accounting and billing by unit/location

How It Works

Once enrolled in this program, the following will happen:

  • If a tenant closes their account and vacates the property, electric service will automatically transfer from the tenant back to your name (i.e., the owner or property manager’s electric service account).
  • If the tenant ends his/her service with us and continues to live on premise after his/her electric account has been closed, you will be billed the additional usage, as electrical service will have automatically reverted back to your name.
  • When there is a new tenant, you are responsible for informing them to register for service with us. Otherwise, electric service is still in your name and any usage will continue to be billed to you.
  • A Service Establishment Fee ($20) will NOT be charged when service reverts to your name.
  • You must notify us when you sell the property or wish to leave the program.

Enroll Today (PDF)