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The Electric Garage

Welcome to The Electric Garage! Getting more folks out of their gas-burning cars and into electric vehicles will go a long way toward helping Hawaii meet its ambitious decarbonization goals. Hawaiian Electric is deeply committed to this effort and is continually looking for ways to provide customers with the tools they need to take part in this transformation.

The Electric Garage provides another channel for Hawaiian Electric to engage with its customers and keep them informed as EV technologies evolve and the automakers increase their offering of EV models. There will be speed bumps as we forge ahead but Hawaiian Electric stands ready to serve as a trusted resource to its customers on this journey.

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The Electric Garage spotlight

Charging your electric vehicle is easy with Hawaiian Electric fast chargers

Oct. 2, 2021 - Using our fast chargers are quick and easy! Our DC Fast Chargers can provide a typical electric vehicle with over 40 miles of additional range in just 15 minutes. Let us know where you’d like to see a new electric vehicle charging station.


Hengchi Chinese EV

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Embattled Chinese property developer plans to launch EV line next year

Oct. 12, 2021 - The electric vehicle unit of embattled Chinese property developer Evergrande said its first cars will roll off the production line next year. The debt-laden company said it met with suppliers and the local government in Tianjin, where its production base is, and pledged to push forward with mass production of its Hengchi-branded cars.

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Green Trucking Bioefuels

Photo Credit: Bruno Vincent via Getty Images

What role will biofuel play in green trucking future?

Oct. 12, 2021 - Much of the sustainability conversation in trucking centers on hydrogen fuel-cell-electric vehicles and battery-electric vehicles: Which is going to be more dominant? But that's not necessarily what the landscape will look like. "No one fuel or source of energy is going to dominate the future like diesel has in the last 100 years."

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Man Charging EV

Democrats' EV push sparks intense lobbying fight

Oct. 11, 2021 - Democrats’ effort to spur electric vehicle adoption has set off an intense lobbying battle on Capitol Hill. Automakers generally back President Biden’s green energy plan, which would spend billions of government dollars to construct charging stations across the nation and expand incentives that lessen the cost of buying an EV. But they’re sharply divided over a key tax credit component of the proposal.

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Electric Trucks New Jersey

Photo Credit: Daimler Trucks North America

New Jersey's EV charging plan for trucks seen as national model

Oct. 4, 2021 - It's become clear that electric trucks are capable, deliver tangible air quality benefits in the communities where they operate and offer long-term cost savings through reduced fuel and maintenance costs. With this in mind, we created the Fleet Readiness Group, consisting of major early adopter fleets, to provide buyer-side input on industry issues and resolutions.

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EV sales in Europe

Photo Credit: Financial Times

Europe expects sales of EVs to jump to 1.2 million this year

Oct. 3, 2021 - The extraordinary surge in demand for Electric Vehicles is particularly acute in Europe. One in 12 cars sold across the continent between April and June this year ran on batteries alone. If hybrid models that use both an engine and a battery are counted, this rises to one in three. Sales of electric cars in Europe have jumped from 198,000 in 2018 to an expected 1.17m this year.

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Hawaiian Electric EV Bucket Truck

EV advocates partner to overcome barriers to truck electrification

Oct. 1, 2021 - Electric trucks are one of the most consequential climate investments companies can make today. These vehicles are increasingly available, able to do the job required of them, and fleets are embracing them. As fleets make the transition to a zero-emission future, they are required to develop solutions to numerous challenges that electrification currently presents.

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Con Edison Bucket Truck

Photo Credit: Con Edison

Limited selection of medium-duty EV models hampers fleet electrification

Sept. 30, 2021 - As owners and operators of vehicle fleets, as well as providers of electricity, utilities have a unique opportunity in fleet electrification. By electrifying their fleets, utilities can gain experience and insights they can use to better support their customers on their own fleet electrification journeys. However, the limited selection of available medium-duty EV models hinders many utilites.

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