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Welcome to The Electric Garage! Getting more folks out of their gas-burning cars and into electric vehicles will go a long way toward helping Hawaii meet its ambitious decarbonization goals. Hawaiian Electric is deeply committed to this effort and is continually looking for ways to provide customers with the tools they need to take part in this transformation.

The Electric Garage provides another channel for Hawaiian Electric to engage with its customers and keep them informed as EV technologies evolve and the automakers increase their offering of EV models. There will be speed bumps as we forge ahead but Hawaiian Electric stands ready to serve as a trusted resource to its customers on this journey.

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Charge up Commercial

Charge Up Commercial revs up customer interest

Jan. 3, 2023 - Hawaiian Electric is still accepting applications for Charge Up Commercial, but you need to be quick — the pilot program is approaching its budget cap of $5 million. In 2023 the program’s focus will be on evaluating and selecting participants, establishing agreements with selected applicants, and beginning the design work for charging stations. Under the three-year pilot, Hawaiian Electric will pay for and install equipment, including transformers, conduit, and electric panels, to support customer-purchased charging stations.

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Hummer EV

Photo Credit: General Motors

General Motors doesn’t expect significant U.S. production of EVs until second half of year

Jan. 31, 2023 - When General Motors launched the GMC Hummer EV in 2021, the automaker touted it as a new benchmark for its vehicle development time, but the production and sales pace of the truck have been anything but that.

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Mustang Mach-E

Photo Credit: The Verge

Ford’s slashing Mustang Mach-E prices in latest volley in EV price wars

Jan. 30, 2023 - A little more than six months after it raised prices on the Mustang Mach-E, Ford said it would now be slashing prices on its flagship electric vehicle as well as increasing its production targets for the year.

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Tesla Charging Station

Photo Credit: Getty Images

EVs are more popular than ever. They’re also extremely prone to cyberattacks.

Jan. 27, 2023 - Gas giant Colonial Pipeline falling to the stealthy sabre of DarkSide, a notorious Russian ransomware group, was a seminal moment in the annals of cybersecurity. Prior to this, cyber influence was either mythologized as being a capability for states to accomplish their geopolitical or informational goals, like Stuxnet, or it had been relegated to being a peripheral topic of pop culture, with mass media promulgating images of people frantically hammering away at keyboards and hooded figures lurking in dark corners..

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Palladium Ingot

Photo Credit: Reuters

Electric vehicles throw palladium's mega-rally into reverse

Jan. 27, 2023 - An era of breathtaking palladium rallies is likely to be ending, analysts said, as rising supply and stagnant demand erode prices of the metal used to neutralise vehicle exhaust emissions.

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Rhyolite Ridge Facility

Photo Credit: Ioneer Ltd.

How one company is hoping to build a major lithium production site in Nevada

Jan. 27, 2023 - The Department of Energy is offering to lend a lithium production company up to $700 million to build a processing site for the mineral. The funds would go to Ioneer, with plans to develop a site in in Esmeralda County, Nevada, that could support lithium production for roughly 370,000 EVs a year, the department said in a Jan. 13 press release.

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Unused Rental Vehicles

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The future of the rental car industry could be electric

Jan. 25, 2023 - State advocates for cleaner transportation are setting their sights on the rental car industry. Senate Bill 973 would mandate the incorporation of zero-emission or plug-in hybrid vehicles into rental car fleets by 2035. This will also include tour buses and other visitor transportation.

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