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Emergency Preparedness Handbook

Electricity is vital to our quality of life, making possible the modern conveniences we take for granted.

At Hawaiian Electric we work hard to provide you with reliable electric service. But power outages could happen. Outages can range from short, momentary interruptions that merely cause the lights to flicker to major outages lasting for days after a devastating hurricane.

We've prepared the Handbook for Emergency Preparedness publication as a guide for you. This handbook is available in English, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Ilocano, and Korean. Please take time to read it. We hope it will help you understand why power outages occur and more importantly, how to minimize the inconveniences and dangers they can cause. You may also request a printed copy by calling our local office at the following phone numbers:

Oahu: (808) 543-7511
Maui County: (808) 871-2339
Hawaii Island: (808) 969-0137

Download Our Handbook for Emergency Preparedness

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency is now recommending residents prepare an emergency kit with a minimum of 14 days (previously 7) of food, water and other supplies.

Homeowner's Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards

You may also be interested in the Homeowner's Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards published by the University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program. This handbook is in part a compilation from numerous publications associated with natural hazards and hazard mitigation.

To order copies of this publication contact the University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program at (808) 956-7410.