Protecting Oahu's Leeward Coast

Our Commitment

We are committed to increasing Hawaii’s use of clean energy and reducing our dependency on imported oil. View our vision

Community Benefits Program

The Campbell Industrial Park Generating station is a 130-megawatt generator designed to be fuel-flexible. In approving Hawaiian Electric's application to build the plant, the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission also approved a Community Benefits Program for the people in the neighborhood of the plant located on Oahu's Leeward coast. For more information about the Community Benefits Program, read the application (PDF) for the program.

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Air Quality Monitoring Program

As part of the Community Benefits Program, Hawaiian Electric installed three air quality monitoring stations at Waianae, Lualualei and Makakilo to measure the daily air quality index. Learn more about our air quality monitoring program at

Fish Monitoring Program

Hawaiian Electric also reinstated a fish monitoring program along the Leeward Coast of Oahu to track changes in fish communities and populations.