Customer Renewable Programs

Customer Grid-Supply Plus

Program closed to new customers on March 29, 2024. Customer Grid-Supply Plus (CGS Plus) allows customers to install private rooftop solar or other renewables that export energy to the electric grid throughout the day. CGS Plus also requires the use of equipment that allows the utility to manage output to maintain safe, reliable grid operation.

Customers receive a monthly bill credit for energy delivered to the grid, which helps to offset the cost of energy pulled from the grid when the system isn’t producing enough energy to meet the household demand. The export credit is fixed through Oct. 20, 2022.

Click here for information about how to read your CGS Plus bill. (PDF)

CGS Plus Credit Rate*

  • Oahu - 10.08 cents/kWh
  • Maui - 12.17 cents/kWh
  • Lanai - 20.80 cents/kWh
  • Molokai - 16.77 cents/kWh
  • Hawaii Island - 10.55 cents/kWh

*Export credits will be trued-up on an annual basis and any remaining credits left over at the end of the year expire with the utility cost reductions benefitting all customers.

The CGS Plus program has a capacity limit that varies by utility.

CGS Plus Program Capacity

  • Oahu - 104.5 MW
  • Maui County - 17 MW
  • Hawaii Island - 22 MW

The safe, reliable operation of the electric grid is important to everyone. The combination of utility system upgrades and leading-edge, customer-facing technology is providing new opportunities to connect more private rooftop solar systems in less time with greater efficiency. All new rooftop solar systems in Hawaii are now required to use advanced inverters that help maintain a stable and reliable grid. Click here for more information on how advanced inverters work and what it means for your system.

The primary difference between CGS Plus and other programs for private rooftop solar or other renewables is the controllability requirement. In the event of a significant grid emergency, we can disconnect your system from the grid, but only after almost all other generation sources (including the utility's own power plants) have been curtailed. The utility will curtail all CGS Plus systems as a single group or block. Systems that are curtailed under these conditions will not be able to generate electricity until the event is cleared by the utility. Controllability may be managed by a third-party (when and where available) or through a double-meter installation (PDF) (including one smart meter) by the utility.

Click here to download our fact sheet (PDF) about the CGS Plus program.