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The moratorium on disconnections has ended and payment arrangement options are available. Read our latest COVID-19 updates.

Business Account Services

Your Energy Partner

Hawaiian Electric offers businesses more than electricity. Our staff of engineers, specialists, consultants and account managers will help you meet all your energy needs -- while operating more efficiently to reduce cost.

In addition to offering recommendations to help you improve your energy efficiency, our business account managers will help you obtain assistance throughout our entire company -- with your electric service, engineering, power outages, or billing. Work with your builder, developer, or contractor and be sure to fill out the Customer Installation Form if you would like to arrange a service for a new project.

Larger commercial customers may have an assigned account manager who serves as a single point of contact for all their energy related needs.

Contact Us

Small and Mid-Size Commercial Accounts

Oahu: (808) 543-7777; Email:
Hawaii Island: (808) 327-0543
Maui County: (808) 872-3268

Large Commercial Accounts

Oahu: (808) 543-4751
Hawaii Island: (808) 969-0139
Maui County: (808) 872-3268

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Go Green with Paperless Billing

Help the environment and enjoy the convenience of paperless billing! Choose to receive your bill summaries electronically instead of receiving a paper bill every month. Combine that with automatic bill payment from your bank account and you will save yourself the step of having to write and mail a check every month.