Incentive Programs

Incentive programs compensate customers to use or produce electricity at certain times of the day. Learn more about our programs.

Customer Incentive Programs

Household Batteries

Customers who sign up for Hawaiian Electric’s incentive programs benefit by receiving compensation for providing the utility with what is known as a grid service. This compensation is in addition to the benefits customers receive from generating and using their own electricity.

A grid service is a tool that supports the reliable and safe operation of the electric grid. By providing these tools to Hawaiian Electric’s grid operators, customers who participate in incentive programs help move Hawaii toward its clean energy goals and ensure a safe and reliable grid for everyone.

Current Customer Incentive Program Grid Services

Though there are many grid services Hawaiian Electric uses to ensure a reliable and safe grid, the following are connected to customer incentive programs.

  • Fast Frequency Response (FFR) - Actions needed to help stabilize system frequency immediately following a sudden loss of generation or load.
  • Capacity Build - Actions that increase the amount electricity being drawn from the grid.
  • Capacity Reduction - Actions that decrease the amount of electricity needed to power the grid.

Types of Incentive Programs:

Programs Power Partners Bring Your Own Device Fast DR Battery Bonus Energy Scout
Status Active Active Active Closed to new participants Closed to new participants
Availability Oahu, Maui County, and Hawaii Island Oahu, Maui County, and Hawaii Island Oahu and Maui Oahu and Maui Oahu
Description Partners enroll participants to deliver a contracted amount of grid services Scheduled discharge of committed kW from batteries paired with solar Reduces electricity usage during peak periods for Commercial & Industrial participants with 50kW+ Scheduled discharge of committed kW from batteries paired with solar Temporarily reduces electricity usage during emergencies
Devices Water heaters and batteries Batteries Generators Batteries Water heaters, air conditioners, generators
Grid Services Utilized Capacity Reduction, Capacity Build, FFR Capacity Reduction Capacity Reduction Capacity Reduction Capacity Reduction, FFR

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Through the BYOD program, Hawaiian Electric will issue incentives to customers to add a new energy storage system to an existing or new rooftop solar system. These incentives will help move Hawaii toward our 100% clean energy goal by 2045. The Battery Bonus program is closed to new customers. Customers may apply for the new BYOD program.

Incentives include:

  • $100 upfront for each kW committed ($500 maximum)
  • $5 per month for each kW committed ($10/kw For Level 3)
  • An export credit rate equal to the Smart DER Tariff Export Rider’s evening peak export rate

Power Partnership Programs

Hawaiian Electric is partnering with independent companies to provide grid services on Oahu, Maui and Hawaii Island. When a customer signs up with one of our Power Partners, they will manage the customer's system activity to support the utility’s need to balance electricity supply and demand. In return, the customer is rewarded with monthly bill credits to help reduce their electricity bill.

Maui Solar Roofs Initiative (MSRI)

Interest-Free Program for Solar Water Heating Systems

Although rebates and inspections for the solar water heating systems are now provided by Hawaii Energy, Hawaiian Electric in partnership with the County of Maui offers this program to qualifying Maui County residents.

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Fast DR Program

Hawaiian Electric's Fast Demand Response (DR) program rewards Oahu or Maui business customers for temporarily reducing their electricity during peak energy periods. The program helps Hawaii reduce imported oil consumption, stabilizes electricity demand for everyone, and rewards you.

For customers seeking more information about the Fast DR program, please see our FAQ page.

To participate, please email us at

Access to the Demand Response Portal:

For help with login problems, opting out of events, or updating your login/password please watch the video instructions.

EnergyScout Programs

The EnergyScout Programs consist of the following programs:

  • Residential Direct Load Control (RDLC): Water heating and air conditioning
  • Small Business Direct Load Control (SBDLC): Water heating and air conditioning
  • Commercial and Industrial Direct Load Control (CIDLC): Large businesses transfer load to their generators

These programs are not currently accepting new participants.