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Our Customer Interconnection Tool has a fresh look and new features!

cit cid portal

We've given our Customer Interconnection Tool (CIT) a minor makeover to enhance your experience. But, that's not all. The revamped design also helps ensure optimal mobile responsiveness without altering the way you use the portal.

That's right. Your application process remains unaffected. Despite the cosmetic changes and some added information and resources on the dashboard page, your application submission process remains the same.

What is the Customer Interconnection Tool?

  • A web portal tool that seamlessly guides you through submitting your program or service applications.
  • Standardized and expedited application process.
  • Enables you to track the progress of your requests in real time.

1 Portal, 2 Different Application Processes

Hawaiian Electric's CIT portal allows you to submit electrical service requests and apply for or learn more about available Customer Renewable Energy programs.

Hawaiian Electric recently launched updated Customer Renewable Energy Programs that you can apply to be a part of:

Do you need new or upgraded electrical service at your home or business? (This is primarily used by builders, contractors, and developers)