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Hawaii is integrating unprecedented amounts of wind, solar and other renewable generation into the electrical grid. Information on the interconnection processes for the Stage 3 RFP and the IGP RFP's for Oahu, Hawaii Island and Maui County can be found at the below links.

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Non-Wires Alternative Expression of Interest - Waikoloa

April 5, 2024

Through the Non-Wires Alternative (“NWA”) Expression of Interest ("EOI"), Hawaiian Electric is seeking information to determine whether there are cost competitive NWAs to the traditional wires solution on the island of Hawaii, that will provide sufficient load reduction beginning in 2029 to address overloads of existing infrastructure due to the significant load growth in the Waikoloa area on Hawai’i island in the coming years. Developers or aggregators who are capable of developing utility-scale renewable projects or aggregating DER/EE in the Waikoloa area of Hawai’i are encouraged to submit comprehensive responses to this request. General performance requirements are provided in the EOI.


Interested parties are requested to complete the Property Questionnaire (see Appendix A) and submit the information to Hawaiian Electric by May 10, 2024.

Email (Preferred Method): With pdf file attachment(s) and subject heading “Waikoloa NWA EOI Response” to

U.S. Mail*: 

Director, T&D and Interconnection Planning (mail code WA4-BB)

T&D and Interconnection Planning

Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

P.O. Box 2750

Honolulu, Hawaii 96840-0001

If additional information or clarification regarding the EOI or the EOI process outlined in this document is required, questions may be submitted to

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