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The moratorium on disconnections has ended and payment arrangement options are available. Read our latest COVID-19 updates.

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eBus Charging Rates

Our eBus charging rates vary by island, and is based on the time of day you charge and the number of kilowatt-hours charged. View our eBus charging rates.

Charge Up eBus Pilot

What is Charge Up eBus?

Hawaiian Electric's Charge Up eBus Pilot is designed to help bus operators reduce the upfront cost of installing charging equipment for electric buses on Oahu, Maui and Hawaii Island. As part of the Pilot, Hawaiian Electric pays for, constructs, owns and maintains all the electrical infrastructure up to the charging equipment. Bus operators purchase, install and maintain their charging equipment.

Charge Up eBus is expected to launch in February 2022. Please check back for forms and details.

Make Ready Infrastructure Breakdown


Get started with the Charge Up eBus Pilot by following these steps:

Stage 1


1. Application

To get started, submit a Customer Application.

Funding Reservation

2. Funding Reservation

Time: 6 months
Hawaiian Electric will reserve funding once you approve the conceptual design and submit an eBus Registration form, Charging Equipment Registration form and an executed and notarized Participation Agreement.

Stage 2


3. Pre-Construction

Time: 1 month
Submit proof of purchase for an eBus or bus conversion, charging equipment and network service.

Design and Build

4. Design & Build

Time: 7 months
Hawaiian Electric will obtain the necessary permits and complete construction once you approve the detailed site design and submit an executed and notarized Grant of Easement.

Charger Installation

5. Charger Installation

Time: 2 months
Permit, install, test and commission your charging equipment.

Stage 3

Verification and Data Collection

6. Verification & Data Collection

Time: 10 Years
Provide data over a 10-year period and respond to pilot-related information requests and surveys to help improve Hawaiian Electric’s services.

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