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Clean Energy Hawaii

Virtual Community Meetings

east hawaii island rfpHawaiian Electric will host a virtual community meeting to discuss the Request for Proposals for the third stage of its renewable energy procurement for Hawaii Island
on Thursday, Oct. 28, at 5:30 p.m.

To help meet the state of Hawaii’s clean energy and decarbonization goals, Hawaiian Electric recently filed a draft Request for Proposals for the third stage of its renewable energy procurement for Hawaii Island.

Based on recommendations from the Hawaii Island Near-Term Grid Needs Assessment report completed in July, the company is seeking proposals to acquire energy and capacity situated on the eastern portion of Hawaii Island. The company is seeking a variety of sources including new renewable dispatchable generation projects (with or without energy storage systems), extensions of existing resources after their current contract terms, standalone energy storage projects, and aggregated customer-sited distributed energy resources projects.

Hawaiian Electric will evaluate the proposals submitted in the RFP to determine if other services ancillary to the energy target can be acquired, including regulating reserve.

The community is invited to join the session, attendees have the following options:

Participants are welcome to ask questions during the meeting. Questions also can be sent in advance to

This virtual session will be recorded and available for post-event viewing on our website.

“Community engagement is important as we work together to shape our island’s energy future,” said Jennifer Zelko-Schlueter, Hawaiian Electric’s Director of Government and Community Affairs on Hawaii Island. “We value your input and encourage you to get involved and lend your voice to these important conversations about projects that may impact you. A community meeting allows you to learn more about a project, ask questions, and understand energy policy and process. It also gives us an opportunity to understand your perspective and listen to your ideas about solutions that are inclusive and fair.”