Customer Incentive Programs

Bring Your Own Device

Receive cash incentives for adding new energy storage to a rooftop solar system

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program is about harnessing the extra battery power in households to help Hawaii on its clean energy journey. By participating in BYOD, you're not just a participant; you're a partner in our collective effort towards a greener future. As Hawaiian Electric moves away from fossil fuels, your contribution directly adds renewable energy to the grid when it’s needed most, making a positive impact on our environment and community. Let's work together to power Hawaii forward towards a sustainable goal of 100% clean energy by 2045.

The BYOD program offers customers incentives for installing a new battery and dispatching during specified time periods. The battery will primarily serve the customer’s household first and any remaining excess will be the target for BYOD usage.

Quick Facts

Power Batteries
  • BYOD offers benefits to customers who want to add a new battery to their PV system. Existing battery systems may also participate in BYOD to receive the monthly incentives but will not be eligible for the upfront incentives meant to help cover initial installation cost.
  • BYOD is available for Smart Renewable Energy Export and Smart Renewable Energy Non-Export. Pairing BYOD with these programs allows you to get additional incentives in the form of bill credits by installing energy storage that serves the home and also the electric grid.
    • BYOD is also available for previous DER programs such as Net Energy Metering, Net Energy Metering Plus, Customer Grid-Supply, Customer Self-Supply, Customer Grid-Supply Plus and Smart Export. Keep in mind that while energy storage of any capacity may be added to these legacy DER programs, any additional PV capacity is limited to up to 1 kW (100 W on Hawaii Island).
  • BYOD is also available for Battery Bonus customers but are not eligible for any new upfront incentives.
  • In addition to a monthly capacity incentive based on the kW committed to the program, BYOD customers will also receive export credits for the energy sent to Hawaiian Electric at the Smart Renewable Energy Peak Export rate or the rate of their underlying program, whichever is higher whenever the batteries participate in a BYOD event.

Apply for this program online using our Customer Interconnection Tool.

Rates and Plan Details


  • Upfront incentive: $100 per kW committed that caps at $500. There is also a Low-Moderate Income (LMI) Adder that provides an additional upfront incentive of $100 per kW committed that also caps at $500. This incentive is proportional to the kW committed and is provided once after contract execution.
  • Monthly capacity performance incentive: $5 per kW committed. This incentive is proportional to the kW committed and is provided every month.
  • Monthly export credit: Provided every month for the energy drawn from the battery calculated based on an assumed exported amount to the grid. The export rate used for the calculation is equal to the Smart Renewable Energy Export's evening peak export rate or the rate of the underlying program, whichever is higher.

For example: A customer that has a 15 kilowatt–hour (kWh) battery can commit 5 kW for 2 hours for a total of 10 kWh drained from the battery. The incentives they would receive are:

  • A one–time cash incentive of $500 ($100 * 5 kW)
  • A monthly capacity credit of $25 ($5 * 5 kW) for the 10-year duration of the program
  • If the customer is not participating in the Net Energy Metering Program, the average rate for the monthly export bill credit would be about $75. Please note that this is an approximate calculation as the credit fluctuates to the underlying tariff and island as the calculated monthly export credit is added to the underlying tariff export rate.

Battery Export Details

  • The battery will dispatch energy during a customer selected 2-hour window, everyday throughout the program participation duration.
  • Customer will serve the house need first before exporting any excess energy during the two hours.


  • A customer must participate in their agreement for 3 years. If a customer ends their contract early, they will need to payback the upfront incentive at a prorated amount.
  • The BYOD program is approved for 10 years.
  • Currently only Battery Energy Storage Systems that are paired with renewable energy generation are eligible for this program.

Enrollment by Island

As of 6/20/2024 Oahu Maui Hawaii Molokai Lanai
Max MW 70 17 17 1.45 1.45
Enrolled 555 kW 43 kW 13.6 kW 12.5 kW 0 kW


Shift and Save

Shift and Save rates enable you to save money if you shift your energy use away from the high-demand evening and overnight hours that are at a higher kWh rate. The more you shift your energy usage away from those hours, the more money you could save. All participants in the Bring Your Own Device program will be enrolled on a Shift and Save rate unless the participant opts out of Shift and Save prior to commencing service on BYOD. Participants on Shift and Save also have the option to decline participation in the future. Service under BYOD + Shift and Save is available only to Schedule R, G, and J rates, and to TOU variants of these rates, on April 1, 2024. In addition, service under BYOD + non-Shift and Save rates will also be available on April 1, 2024. Click here for more information on Shift and Save.

Advanced Meters

Advanced meters are modern electric meters that enable two-way data sharing between your home or business and Hawaiian Electric through a secure wireless communications network. Advanced meters look just like the analog electric meters but with a digital display. Advanced meters are an important component of our grid modernization efforts. All participants in the Bring Your Own Device program must be using advanced meters. Click here for more information on advanced meters.

Apply Online and Download Forms

You may access the Customer Interconnection Tool to apply online. Please see our How To Guide (PDF), How To Make An Amendment Guide (PDF), Training Video, and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

For BYOD participation, the following are required to be submitted as part of the CIT process:

  • 3 or 7 days of operational data
  • Signed W9 Form
    • Name on the form must belong to the account holder of the electric account and it must be the same individual as the Customer Battery Storage-Operator, (see Rule 33 page 7).
    • Electronic signatures encouraged using DocuSign.
    • To receive a W9 DocuSign form, please request one at W9 forms also can be printed out, signed and mailed to: Hawaiian Electric, P. O. Box 2750, Honolulu, HI 96840, Attn: AL18-SG

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