We are no longer accepting applications for Charge Up Commercial.


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Charge Up Commercial

We are no longer accepting applications for Charge Up Commercial. To be placed on the Charge Up waitlist, please email with your name, organization, and address.

What is Charge Up Commercial?

Charge up Commercial Pilot helps properties like shops, businesses, condominiums & apartments, office buildings, and fleet and parking facilities reduce the upfront cost of installing charging equipment for electric vehicles on Oahu, Maui County and Hawaii Island. A greener, EV-friendly Hawaii will benefit us all!

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EV charging in parking lot

Pilot Eligibility

Eligible applicants are non-residential Hawaiian Electric customers that own or lease the site where they plan to install the Level 2 EV charging stations. Applicants that do not own the site where the charging equipment will be installed must obtain the property owner's consent. Visit our Resources page for a full list of Pilot requirements and to download forms.

Shops and Businesses

Shops & Businesses


Condominiums & Apartments

Office Buildings

Office Buildings

Fleet Facilities

Fleet Facilities

Some requirements for Pilot participants:

  • Must be located on Oahu, Maui County, or Hawaii Island.
  • Grant access and utility easement rights to Hawaiian Electric for work related to assessments, installation, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal of the Make-Ready Infrastructure.

How the Pilot Works

The infrastructure associated with EV charging typically represents a sizable investment. Under the Pilot, Hawaiian Electric will pay for, install and maintain all the electrical infrastructure up to the charging equipment, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of the installation for the participant.

The Pilot will provide infrastructure for a minimum of four and maximum of six Level 2 charging ports. Learn more about the different charger levels.

Pilot Activities

The chart below outlines the activities participants can expect while a part of the Pilot, from submitting an application through the routine operation and maintenance of the EV charging equipment.

Charge up Commercial Three Step Process

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