Customer Renewable Programs

Net Energy Metering Plus

Net Energy Metering Plus (NEM Plus) is available only to current NEM customers. It allows NEM customers to add non-export capacity to their home or business without affecting their NEM status.

Customers may install new panels, battery storage or a combination of both under this program. The output from the NEM Plus system is used solely on-site and is not allowed to export to the grid. The addition of the NEM Plus system does not affect the customer’s existing NEM agreement.

This program benefits NEM customers whose energy demand routinely exceeds the supply provided by their rooftop solar or other renewable distributed energy resource (DER) system. It also benefits NEM customers who are considering renovations or purchases that increase electricity use, such as electric vehicles.

There are no program capacity limits or queues, so there are no deadlines to meet. The only pre-requirement for participation is an executed NEM agreement. As with all our programs, we encourage customers to do their own research and to make an informed decision about whether NEM Plus is right for their situation.

Click here to download our fact sheet (PDF) about the NEM Plus program. You may apply for this program online using our Customer Interconnection Tool.

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