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Protected Agriculture

Customers who grow fruits or vegetables in a microclimate-controlled environment such as an indoor structure or greenhouse may be eligible for a discounted electric rate.

The Rider PA Protected Agriculture rate provides farmers with an energy credit for electricity consumed to produce fruits and vegetables needed to advance the state’s sustainability efforts. Increasing local food production reduces reliance on import crops and protects against market fluctuations.

Protected Agriculture refers to farming operations using structures, techniques and technology to modify the natural environment of fruit and/or vegetable crops to extend their growing season and produce higher yields. Benefits of protected agriculture include the ability to control conditions such as temperature and humidity, as well as protect against severe weather, pests and diseases.

Protected Agriculture

Energy Credit by Island

View the full rate filing and credit per kilowatt-hour available for protected agriculture on each island:

Who is eligible?

  • Existing customer on commercial rate schedules: G, J, P, TOU-G, TOU-J, TOU-P
    • New customers, or existing customers wishing to separate their protected agriculture energy load to a separately metered account, must work with a licensed electrician and submit an applicable electric service request via Hawaiian Electric’s Customer Interconnection Tool (CIT).
  • Customer cannot be on any of the existing Riders: I, M, or T

Eligible customers must:

  • Be in fruit and/or vegetable production (not canning, milling, processing or distribution).
  • Validate that the farm is in a microclimate-controlled environment, such as indoor structure or fully enclosed structure like a greenhouse. Photos of farm environment/location are required as part of application screening process.
  • Validate that 70% of the total metered load (via single meter) must be dedicated to activities related to protected agriculture as described below:
    • Growing fruits and/or vegetables
    • Post-harvest washing, cooling, cold storage (not freezing) of these raw fruits and vegetables prior to sale, transfer or distribution
  • Demonstrate use of energy-efficiency methods, technology, etc., and use of renewable energy (if available).

The discounted rate does not apply to agricultural activities that produce medical cannabis.

How to Apply

Please email your completed application (including required equipment schedule) to Within 10 days, Hawaiian Electric will review the application for eligibility and completeness. If the application is ineligible or incomplete, the customer is informed of the outcome and needed action.

If approved, the customer will receive a contract via email to complete, sign and return within five days. After receiving the customer’s signed contract, Hawaiian Electric will return an executed contract and the Rider will take effect at the start of the next bill cycle.