Integrated Grid Planning

View our Final Integrated Grid Plan!

Hawaiian Electric is pleased to present the Integrated Grid Plan: a pathway to a clean energy future.

Final Integrated Grid Plan

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Integrated Grid Planning

Path to Hawaii Powered

Our work to move toward a Hawaii Powered future is guided by a process called Integrated Grid Planning, or “IGP.” The IGP process brings many people together to build a resilient and reliable grid from local, renewable energy sources with various technologies and scales.

In this context, resilience means adapting to social, environmental, economic and technological changes to meet current and future energy needs.

Preferred Plans and Next Steps New!

IGP Preferred Plans and Next Steps

In October 2023, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) requested clarification on our preferred plans for generation and capacity, as well as updates since our Integrated Grid Plan (IGP) was filed in May 2023.

On Nov. 14, 2023, Hawaiian Electric filed a supplemental report to respond to this request. Key takeaways include clarification on preferred plans for adding renewable generation and capacity on each island, differentiation of a preferred plan and an alternative plan for Oahu, and timeline updates.

View Preferred Plans and Next Steps

Integrated Grid Plan

IGP Grid Plan

The Integrated Grid Plan represents the next five years of partnership with stakeholders and community members across the islands. The Draft Integrated Grid Plan (IGP) was filed with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) on March 31, 2023. A public comment period was held from March 31 through April 21, where we received just over 300 comments from community members, stakeholders, PUC staff, and our technical advisory panel.

The IGP has been updated in response to all received comments. All comments, and how they were addressed in the final version of the IGP, are available to view in Appendix H.

View the Integrated Grid Plan

Inputs and Assumptions

Forecasting the future of energy takes a lot of complicated data, which is why we’re breaking down what it means for customers. We hope the Inputs and Assumptions Data Dashboard helps explain how we leverage data to plan for how much clean energy we’ll need to generate to meet future customer demand.

Renewable Energy Zones

Hawaiian Electric partnered with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to conduct a data-driven preliminary study to identify potential areas on Oahu, Hawaii Island and Maui that may be suitable for future renewable energy projects. Explore an interactive map of the proposed Renewable Energy Zones for potential future energy projects. We need your help to identify the best locations for these projects. You know your community and have the personal insight we need!

Renewable Energy Zones Promo

Integrated Grid Planning Today

We are currently working to define the plan for putting together Hawaii’s clean energy grid. This work includes aligning our IGP initiatives with the larger Climate Change Action Plan, analyzing models and planning for renewable energy zones and transmission infrastructure. Learn more about IGP accomplishments and upcoming work in the graphic below.

Climate Change Action Plan

In 2021, Hawaiian Electric announced a bold Climate Change Action Plan centered on reducing carbon emissions in 2030 by as much as 70% below 2005 levels and reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2045. Reducing carbon emissions by more than two-thirds over this decade will be a stretch. We know it’s achievable, and if everyone pitches in, we’ll create a cost-effective, sustainable and resilient energy system for future generations.

Review the Climate Change Action Plan

Clean Energy Goals

A key strategy to reach net zero emissions is generating our energy from clean, renewable sources. As an island state, we can’t rely on importing clean energy from neighboring states. Fortunately, Hawaii has an abundance of natural, renewable resources that can power a resilient grid.

We call our vision for using 100% local, clean energy, “Hawaii Powered.”

Hawaii Powered celebrates finding solutions for a clean energy future right here in Hawaii.

Clean energy for Hawaii by Hawaii:

  • Frees us from external energy dependency
  • Expands energy choices
  • Supports our Climate Change Action Plan and decarbonization goals
Hawaiian Islands

Some of the ways we'll get there:

  • Retiring and reducing use of fossil-fueled generating units

  • Using more grid-scale and customer-owned energy storage solutions

  • Expanding geothermal resources

  • Adding clean energy projects (including community-based shared solar projects) capable of generating a total of at least 1 gigawatt

  • Creating customer programs that incentivize using clean, lower cost energy

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Learn about planning process engagement

Upcoming Public Involvement Opportunities

Watch this space for engagement opportunities.

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Image of the city
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Stakeholder Document Libraries

Browse the library of all stakeholder documents, or click the links below to read about past meetings with active stakeholder groups. Get more information on working groups.

We’ve reorganized our Integrated Grid Planning (IGP) Document Library!

To be more accessible and transparent, we’ve added search functions so visitors can find specific documents and sort documents by topic.

Recent and Upcoming Meetings


Updated Competitive Bidding Framework

On April 21, 2021, the Commission issued Order No. 37740 establishing a procedural schedule to review the updated Competitive Bidding Framework filed by the Companies, and instructed the Parties to provide their comments by the noted deadlines.

Procedural Step Deadline Date
Consumer Advocate’s and Intervenors' Comments on the Updated Framework May 18, 2021
Hawaiian Electric’s Reply Comments May 27, 2021

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