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The moratorium on disconnections has ended and payment arrangement options are available. Read our latest COVID-19 updates.

Our Clean Energy Portfolio

New Renewable Energy Projects

Keep track of our progress on all of the various renewable energy projects currently in the works

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Green Bond Framework

Proceeds obtained from our green bonds will help finance renewable energy projects. Learn more about our Green Bond Framework.

Our Clean Energy Portfolio

Renewable energy sources resulted in 2,801 gigawatt-hours*, or 34.5 percent, of electricity sales in 2020, as reported to the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission in our annual Renewable Energy Portfolio status report. This does not include energy savings from solar water heating or quantifiable energy efficiency. The 2020 total is an increase from 2,480 gigawatt-hours or 28.4 percent of sales in 2019.

Hawaiian Electric sales in 2020 totaled 8,120 gigawatt-hours.

* A gigawatt-hour is a unit of electrical energy equal to one thousand megawatt hours, one million kilowatt-hours, or one billion watt-hours. A 100-watt bulb burning for one hour uses 100 watt-hours of electricity.

Where is this renewable energy coming from?

Renewable energy graph

Gigawatt-hours produced by utility and independent power producers for Hawaiian Electric customers in 2020

  • Wind - 595
  • Biomass (including waste-to-energy) - 369
  • Solar Photovoltaic - 398
  • Geothermal - 10
  • Hydro-electricity - 29
  • Biofuels - 75

Percentage of sales from renewable energy

We continue to expand our renewable energy portfolio. Here are the latest numbers from our 2020 Renewable Energy Portfolio Status Report (PDF) to the Public Utilities Commission.

Renewable energy bar chart

Percentage of sales from renewable energy

  • Oahu - 30.5%
  • Maui County - 50.8%
  • Hawaii Island - 43.4%