Integrated Grid Planning

Stakeholder Council

The Stakeholder Council represents our customers and broad stakeholder interests in Hawaii. The Stakeholder Council is a key element of and one of the several stakeholder groups in the overall stakeholder engagement process essential for IGP success.

The Stakeholder Council helps ensure alignment of Hawaiian Electric's plans with customer and stakeholder interests and facilitates the development of broadly supportive action plans. The Stakeholder Council consists of one member from the following representative stakeholder interests (in alphabetical order):

  • City/County representative (one from each county)
  • Community delegate (one from each island)
  • Consumer Advocate
  • Demand Response
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Storage
  • Environmental Advocate
  • Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
  • Independent Power Producers (utility-scale resources)
  • Large commercial and industrial customers
  • Office of State Planning
  • Small Solar Developers
  • State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism
  • Sustainability Advocate (local)
  • Sustainability Advocate (national)
  • Technical Advisory Panel Chair
  • U.S. Department of Defense

Meeting Documents