Shift and Save

Shift and Save Tips

Customers should change their habits to maximize necessary electricity use to the daytime and limit evening peak usage as much as possible.

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Monthly cost comparison of when appliances are used

Various heavy appliances consume large amounts of electricity when in use. These heavy appliances provide an opportunity to save money by running them during the cheaper rates when possible. Taking the time to understand how different routines can affect cost is a great way to start saving. The following table helps give an estimate of the cost difference between running different appliances at different rates and times.

Appliance Use kWh/Month Daytime Cost/Month* Evening Peak Cost/Month* Overnight Cost/Month*
Range, large surface unit 15 min/day 18 kWh $3.14 $9.41 $6.27
Oven 2 hrs/day 25.6 kWh $4.46 $13.38 $8.92
Clothes washer 6 hrs/wk 6.12 kWh $1.07 $3.20 $2.13
Clothes dryer 6 hrs/wk 66.96 kWh $11.67 $35.00 $23.33
Monthly Total     $20.34 $60.99 $40.65

*Rates and calculations are an approximation based on approved time-of-use rates for Oahu, Maui and Hawaii Island.

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Smart thermostat

Use a smart thermostat to control the temperature in your house. Setting an air conditioner to run from 4:30 to 5pm can cool down the house while only using electricity from the cheapest period.

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Home battery system

A home battery system can store energy during the day so that it can be used during the evening. The battery system can gather energy from your storage system or from the grid during the cheaper daytime rate. Using your home battery's electricity during the evening can offset the higher peak price of electricity.

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Do laundry during the day on the weekend rather than in the evening.

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Run your dishwasher during the day. Running other heavy appliances during the day can have the same effect.

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Water heaters

Install a timer and set it to heat your water heater during the day before evening peak hours.

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Pool pumps

Schedule pool pumps/filters and automatic cleaning to run during the daytime hours

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Unplug devices

Some devices can still use electricity even when you consider them off. Unplugging TVs, printers, and videogame consoles when not in use can help save electricity throughout the whole day. An advanced power strip can make this easier by preventing electrical flow unless a specific device is turned on. For example you can have it so that your consoles, disc players and stereo are only able to use electricity when the TV is on.

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Electric vehicles

Charge your electric vehicle when rates are low. Electric vehicles have many benefits already but also have synergy with Time of Use rates. Charging your vehicles during low rate periods can make that electric vehicle provide even more cost savings. Some electric vehicles make this easier by allowing you to set when it will charge.

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Smart plugs

Use smart plugs to automatically control the time schedule of lighting and other devices