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Oahu Rates

Oahu Rates - Index Page

Interim Rate Increase - Interim Rate Increase - (This rate has been terminated as of September 1, 2018.)

Interim Rate Refund - Interim Rate Refund

REIP - Renewable Energy Infrastructure Cost Recovery Provision

Schedule R  - Residential Service

Schedule G - General Service Non-Demand

Schedule J - General Service Demand

Schedule DS - Large Power Directly Served Service

Schedule P - Large Power Service

Schedule F - Public Street Lighting, Highway Lighting and Park and Playground Floodlighting

Schedule U - Time-of-Use Service

Schedule E - Electric Service For Employees

Schedule Q - Purchases From Qualifying Facilities 100 KW or Less

Schedule SS - Standby Service

Schedule TOU-R - Residential Time-of-Use Service

Schedule TOU-G - Small Commercial Time-of-Use

Schedule TOU-J - Commercial Time-of-Use Service

Schedule TOU-P - Large Commercial Time-of-Use Service

Rider I - Interruptible Contract Service

Rider M - Off-Peak and Curtailable Service

Rider T - Time-of-Day Rider

Schedule RP- Residential Prepaid Service Demonstration

Rider SSP - SolarSaver Pilot Program

Green Infrastructure Fee - Green Infrastructure Fee Surcharge

FIT - Schedule FIT Tier 1 and Tier 2

FIT Appendix I -  Schedule FIT Appendix I Tier 1 and Tier 2 Agreements

FIT Appendix II - Schedule FIT Appendix II Queuing and Interconnection Procedures

FIT Tier 3 - Schedule FIT Tier 3

FIT Tier 3 Appendix I - Schedule FIT Tier 3 Appendix I Agreement

FIT Tier 3 Appendix II- Schedule FIT Tier 3 Appendix II Queuing and Interconnection Procedures

ECRC - Energy Cost Recovery Clause

PBF - Public Benefits Fund Surcharge

IRP/DSM Cost Recovery - Integrated Resource Planning Cost Recovery Provision

Refund of IRP Cost - Integrated Resource Planning Cost Recovery Provision

Smart Power For Schools - Green Pricing Program Provision

Residential TOU EV - Residential Time-of-Use Service with Electric Vehicle Pilot

RBA - Revenue Balancing Account Provision

RAM - Rate Adjustment Mechanism Provision

PPAC - Purchased Power Adjustment Clause

EV-F - Commercial Public Electric Vehicle Charging Facility Service Pilot

EV-U - Commercial Public Electric Vehicle Charging Service Pilot

TOU-RI - Residential Interim Time-of-Use Service

PIM - Performance Incentive Mechanism Provision

Schedule E-Bus-J - Commercial Electric Bus Charging Facility Service Pilot

Schedule E-Bus-P - Commercial Electric Bus Charging Facility Service Pilot