Electric Vehicles

EV Service Consultants and Contractors

For the convenience of potential electric vehicle (EV) charging station service request applicants, Hawaiian Electric has provided the following list of electrical engineering consultants and electrical contractors who were the consultant- or contractor-of-record on a minimum of one (1) service request related to EV charging station installation that was energized after January 1, 2020.

Electrical Engineering Consultants

  • Albert Chong Associates
  • Bennett Engineers
  • Kimley-Horn & Associates
  • Morikawa & Associates, LLC
  • Ronald N.S. Ho & Associates
  • Wallace T Oki P.E., Inc.
  • WSP

Electrical Contractors

  • Boweaks Electrical Solutions, LLC
  • Electrical Connection Maui, LLC
  • Hawaii Pacific Solar, LLC
  • M. Sakuma Electric, Inc.
  • Wasa Electrical Services, Inc.

Acceptance of work is at each of the listed consultants' or contractors' sole discretion. Listed vendors may choose to accept or decline customer projects based on many factors, including, but not limited to: project scope, size, duration, location, complexity, market sector, specifications, or customer requirements.

Hawaiian Electric does not state a preference or recommendation for any of the listed consultants or contractors, nor for any other consultants or contractors offering services related to the installation of electric vehicle infrastructure. Customers and applicants are encouraged to obtain multiple bids or quotes, and are solely responsible for performing the due diligence and evaluation required to select a design consultant or contractor that is qualified to perform the requested scope of services.

The selection of a contractor is the sole responsibility of the customer. Hawaiian Electric does not endorse, recommend, qualify, guarantee, or make any representation, covenant, or warranty regarding the qualifications, licensure, quality, safety, financial stability, value, cost, or performance of any consultant or contractor listed, the products or services they offer, or warranties related thereto. Any agreement between a customer and a vendor is exclusive of Hawaiian Electric, and Hawaiian Electric is not a party, beneficiary, indemnitor, or guarantor of that agreement.

Note that all service requests and designs must comply with Hawaiian Electric Company's Standards, including the Electric Service Installation Manual, Engineering Specifications, and Engineering Standards.

This list was last updated on July 31, 2023 and will be updated semi-annually in April and September. For any questions or concerns related to this list, please contact GoEV@hawaiianelectric.com.