Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Incentives

Benefits of Driving an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles play a growing role in reducing our dependency on fossil fuel and protecting our environment. Driving or riding in an EV for the first time may be a surprise. These cars are quiet, quick and fun.

Among the benefits, EV owners enjoy:

Lower Cost to Drive

Save with less maintenance and lower cost per mile.

Federal Tax Incentive

Qualify for a federal income-tax credit of up to $7,500.

Free Parking

Park for free at state and municipal garages and in metered stalls.

HOV/Zipper Lane Access

Use high-occupancy and zipper lanes without passengers.

Clean Air

Produce fewer emissions and charge with renewables.

As you consider purchasing a new vehicle, remember that an electric vehicle can save you money on fuel and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our EV WattPlan tool allows you to choose an electric vehicle and compare it to a conventional gas option, providing you with a cost comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Incentives for Customers

Nissan LEAF® Rebate

Show your utility bill and save money on a new Nissan LEAF®!

Smart Charge Hawaii

Hawaiian Electric Companies' customers may qualify for a free* smart charging station from Enel X. Supplies are limited.

* Shipping, sales tax, and installation costs must be covered by the customer.