Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Siting Tool

The EV Charger Siting Tool shows estimated capacity available on Hawaiian Electric's primary distribution system (e.g., 2.4 to 25 kilovolts), indicating areas where capacity may be constrained, and could require system upgrades to support additional load. Available capacity shown is an estimate of the amount of EV charging load that may be accommodated under current configurations at the distribution circuit level. The information displayed is based on data updated in May 2023.

Hawaiian Electric is interested in your feedback on the EV Charger Siting Tool. Please share any feedback or suggestions via email to GoEV@hawaiianelectric.com.

Terms & Conditions of Use

  • The EV Charger Siting Tool represents available capacity at the overall circuit level only as measured at the feeder head (e.g., start of the distribution circuit) and does not account for all factors that could impact service connection costs, including lower rated conductors and equipment downstream of the feeder head, substation transformer constraints, and other potential distribution system upgrades.
  • The presence of capacity does not necessarily indicate the availability of a certain service voltage, nor of single- or three-phase electrical service.
  • Hawaiian Electric's distribution system is dynamic, and the data shown in the EV Charger Siting Tool represents remaining distribution feeder capacity at the time of the analysis. It does not account for factors such as other loads in queue or forecasted loads, or contingency analyses that could impact available capacity, interconnection costs and complexity.
  • Hawaiian Electric makes no representations of any kind regarding the accuracy of the information in the Charger Siting Tool, but rather provides said information as is. The user agrees to use the information provided only for its intended purpose. The user knowingly waives any and all claims against Hawaiian Electric for damages that may arise from the use of the data and any of the information it contains. No part of this data may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, without the express written consent of Hawaiian Electric. As such, all data is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a guarantee of service or that service or capacity will be available to any specific project at any specific location.
  • The map and its data are not a substitute for Hawaiian Electric's established service request and interconnection process, including a site-specific engineering analysis. In order to be approved for interconnection, the design of any proposed project must be reviewed and approved by Hawaiian Electric. Service Requests must be submitted via Hawaiian Electric's Customer Interconnection Tool. Pursuant to Hawaiian Electric's Tariff Rule 2B, developers or customers must notify Hawaiian Electric prior to installing new load. In addition, per Hawaiian Electric's Tariff Rule 14B, all connections and disconnections must be performed by a duly authorized Hawaiian Electric employee.