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Fast Demand Response Benefits

We reward customers who are willing to temporarily reduce electricity use. Learn more about the benefits.

Demand Response

Grid Services RFP

Hawaiian Electric Company (“Company”) seeks proposals for the delivery of qualified Grid Services from customer-sited distributed energy resources for the Hawaiian Electric system on Oahu (RFP-101321-01). Proposer’s offerings must include the delivery of the Capacity Reduction Grid Service in their proposal, but may also include FFR-2 and/or Capacity Build as a bundled Grid Service in their proposal. The Company is issuing this RFP in response to the Public Utilities Commission approval (Order No. 37893 issued on August 13, 2021 under Docket No. 2017-0352) to seek up to 60MW of capacity reduction grid service in response to the AES coal plant retiring in September 2022.

The Company intends to contract for Grid Services through this RFP using its Model Grid Services Purchase Agreement (“GSPA”). The term of any GSPA executed with selected Proposer(s) will be ten (10) years.

The Company is seeking to maximize the amount of capability to be available for use by the Commercial Operations Date (COD), September 1, 2022, thus the RFP Evaluation will give priority to proposals that show completion, or the greatest amount of Contract Capability enabled and delivered by the COD.

In order to submit a proposal, Proposers must register as a “Supplier” in Power Advocate’s Sourcing Intelligence to access the RFP event. For more information regarding registration for Power Advocate, please see Appendices B and D in the RFP.

After successful registration as a “Supplier” within Power Advocate, please request access to the RFP event from the Company via email Include your username & company information in the email. After the Company has added you to the event, you will receive an invitation to the RFP event at the registered Email account.
Note: If you had previously registered and already have access to Power Advocate you will still need to send your information via the Company email to get an invitation to participate in the bid event.

Once you have access to the bid event you will be able to access all the submission documentation and are able to send messages through the Power Advocate platform. All communication for the RFP process shall be through Power Advocate.

Proposers who are interested in submitting a proposal, please send us a message in Power Advocate of your intent to bid by August 30, 2021.

Questions for the RFP are due by September 7, 2021 through Power Advocate. The Company’s response for those questions will then be sent through Power Advocate by September 13, 2021.

How to Reset Your Password, Opt Out of Events, and Add Contact Notifications through DRMS

Save Money While You Help Hawaii Get Off Imported Oil

Hawaiian Electric's Demand Response (DR) program rewards Oahu or Maui County residential and business customers for temporarily reducing their electricity during peak energy periods.

The program helps Hawaii reduce imported oil consumption, stabilizes electricity demand for everyone, and rewards you.

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Large Business or Residential Customer
Video Instructions

For help with login problems, opting out of events, or updating your login/password please watch the video instructions.

New Aggregator Solutions

Hawaiian Electric is shifting to a new model for its Demand Response Program to use Aggregators for the delivery of grid services on Oahu and Maui County.

Hawaiian Electric has contracted with Open Access Technology, Inc.(OATI) and Swell Energy Inc.(Swell) as Customer Energy Resource Aggregators.

Oati Logo
Swell Logo

OATI Key Alliance members that will be enrolling local customers are Shifted Energy and Sunrun.

Shifted Energy Logo
Sunrun Logo

The Swell Key Alliance members that will be enrolling local customers are Revolusun and Rising Sun.

Rising Sun

Aggregator Integration Information

For Companies interested in becoming an Aggregator, see Aggregator handbook for technical information.

Residential Solutions

Oahu Residents can earn monthly incentives while helping Hawaii reduce demand for imported oil and lower electricity cost for everyone.

Residential Solutions

Business Solutions

Oahu and Maui County Businesses can reduce their electrical bills with monthly credits and incentives by automating energy saving strategies during unexpected peak periods.

Business Solutions

Customer Energy Resources (CER) Services and Technology Market Update Survey Results

Closed on November 13, 2020.

CER-Tech Market Survey

Contact Us

Oahu or Maui County customers seeking more information about Hawaiian Electric's Demand Response program, please email us at or call 94-power (808-947-6937).

Frequently Asked Questions

View our Demand Response FAQs