Customer Renewable Programs

Generate Your Own Power

A Standard Interconnection Agreement (SIA) is for renewable and non-renewable systems. This agreement allows you to reduce the amount of energy you require from the utility by energy produced from your system. Any surplus exported to the grid will not be "stored" or credited on your bill.

To view the complete tariff governing Standard Interconnection, please see: Rule 14H

To view a list of qualified equipment that meets Hawaiian Electric’s advanced inverter requirements, please see: Qualified Equipment List

Submittal Requirements

At time of application submittal:

  • Completed DER Submittal Form
  • Completed Exhibit A
  • Completed Exhibit D (Certificate of Insurance)
  • Signature Pages (Appendix II, Appendix II-A or Appendix II-B) - Electronic signatures acceptable*
  • Single-Line Diagram
  • Three-Line Diagram (systems ≥ 30 kW)
  • Equipment specification sheets
  • Facility equipment list
  • Relay list (if applicable)
  • Trip Scheme (if applicable)

After project installation, before scheduling a Witness Verification Test:

  • Completed DER Validation Form
  • All remaining documents/items specified in Technical Approval letter

* E-Signatures and scanned originals (e.g. pdf) are acceptable forms of electronic signatures.

Distributed Energy Resource Inspection

Prior to operating your system continuously, an inspection is required to verify compliance with Standard Interconnection Agreement Rule 14H.

Scheduling of the test requires a two (2) week lead time.

The inspection will verify the following:

  • The installation, including equipment ratings, matches all approved drawings and diagrams.
  • The system operates as designed and approved.
  • The manual disconnect switch is properly labeled.
  • The meter is properly labeled for the presence of a customer-sided generating system.
  • No backfeed - The customer simulates a "loss of utility" power to the system by opening the disconnect switch or breaker. The customer must have a qualified person to measure, with a voltmeter, that there is no backfeed at the open disconnect switch.*

* For liability purposes Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. will not operate your equipment and so we ask that you provide a qualified person/electrician to be available to conduct the test.


Exhibit A

Appendix II (2 Party Agreement) < 10 kW

Appendix II (2 Party Agreement) ≥ 10 kW

Appendix II-A (3 Party Agreement) < 10 kW

Appendix II-A (3 Party Agreement) ≥ 10 kW

Appendix II-B (Non-Exporting Distributed Generation - Momentary Parallel Operation)


Distributed Energy Resource Application Submittal Form (SIA)

Distributed Energy Resource Validation Form

Distributed Energy Resources 90-Day Extension Request Form

Distributed Energy Resources Application Withdrawal Form

Submit Forms

All application documents can be sent electronically* via EMAIL to:
If sending a hard copy of application documents, please use one of the following Mailing Addresses:

Via United States Postal Service:
Hawaiian Electric Company
Attn: SIA; CP12-SI 
P.O. Box 2750
Honolulu, HI 96840-0001

Via Private Delivery Services (UPS, FedEx, etc.):
Hawaiian Electric Company
Attn: SIA; CP12-SI 
220 South King St., Suite 1280 
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
No walk-ins, please.

* Links to file sharing websites may not be accessible. Please check with us prior to sharing a link.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Standard Interconnection Agreement, please contact us at:

Phone: (808) 543-7707