Customer Incentive Programs

Incentive Programs

Power Partnership Programs

Hawaiian Electric is changing to a new model for its Demand Response Program to use aggregators to provide grid services on Oahu and Maui County. Residential and Commercial customers who are interested in finding out more information on participating in the programs are encouraged to click on the links below to find out more information.

Our Power Partners

Home Battery Rewards Program

Swell Logo

SWELL’s key alliance partners assisting customers are:


Alternate Energy Hawaii
Sunspear Energy

Maui County

Rising Sun

Hawaii Island

Rising Sun
ProVision Solar

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OATI’s key alliance partners assisting customers are:

Oahu & Maui County

Smart Water Heater Program

Shifted Energy Website

Learn more about how our Power Partnership Programs work.

To participate, please reach out to our partners using the information below:

Shifted Energy:


Phone: (808) 664-0053

Battery Bonus

Hawaiian Electric will pay a cash incentive and provide bill credits for customers on Oahu and Maui to add a battery to an existing or new rooftop solar system. This program will help move Hawaii toward its goal of 100% clean energy by 2045 and add more renewable resources to the grid as Hawaiian Electric retires generators fired by fossil fuels.

Learn more about how the Battery Bonus Program works.

Maui Solar Roofs Initiative (MSRI)

Interest-Free Program for Solar Water Heating Systems

Although rebates and inspections for the solar water heating systems are now provided by Hawaii Energy, Hawaiian Electric in partnership with the County of Maui offers this program to qualifying Maui County residents.

Learn more

Fast DR Program

Hawaiian Electric's Fast Demand Response (DR) program rewards Oahu or Maui County business customers for temporarily reducing their electricity during peak energy periods. The program helps Hawaii reduce imported oil consumption, stabilizes electricity demand for everyone, and rewards you.

For help with login problems, opting out of events, or updating your login/password please watch the video instructions.

EnergyScout Programs

The EnergyScout Programs consist of the following programs:

  • Residential Direct Load Control (RDLC): Water heating and air conditioning
  • Small Business Direct Load Control (SBDLC): Water heating and air conditioning
  • Commercial and Industrial Direct Load Control (CIDLC): Large businesses transfer load to their generators

These programs are not currently accepting new participants.


Contact Us

Oahu or Maui County customers seeking more information about Hawaiian Electric's Demand Response program, please email us at

Demand Response FAQs