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Electrical Services

Power Quality Engineers

If further investigation is needed, Hawaiian Electric has specialized power quality equipment and a group of trained Power Quality Engineers to gather and analyze data and provide recommendations and possible solutions to you. Please call (808) 543-4756.

Newsletter Updates

To increase communication and transparency, the Customer Installation Division (CID) of Hawaiian Electric created "E Hoomaikai", which means "to improve." Using these periodic emails, the Customer Installation Division hopes to improve communication with you and provide a clearer path to getting your projects completed on schedule. Find updates and information compiled from past quarterly emails (up to four) below.

E Hoomaikai #7 (August 2021)

Meter Relocation Charges

There will be no charges from Hawaiian Electric for a meter replacement or relocation if:

  • The meter is upgraded from 100 to 200 or 200 to 320 amp service in the same general location (may change if related to PV)
  • The meter is in the garage and will be relocated out of the garage
  • The meter socket and/or related equipment is rusty or deteriorated
  • The meter is in an inaccessible location or a location that is hazardous to the owner and employees

Situations where there will be charges from Hawaiian Electric for meter replacements:

  • Replacing a meter in good operating condition
  • Relocation of service and meter with no upgrade

One-for-one Meter Socket Replacement/Revamp Charges

Regarding Revamp/Replacement (one-for-one) for PV, where service is typically already 200A (overhead/underground), we only charge for Planner and Transmission & Distribution Operations’ labor/time (no materials). We ask that PV contractors communicate to end customers upfront that there is a charge, or be sure to include it in your costs from the beginning.

Online Service Request Applications

Please be sure to submit ALL service request applications online using our Electrical Service Request Form. We are working on providing additional documentation to help identify required fields and documentation, and we are working on a longer-term solution that will only require you to complete the information necessary based on the type of request.

Billing Party Information

We require billing information for both the monthly energy bill and construction costs, when applicable. If you are a new customer, please provide your general and federal tax ID numbers, basic contact information, and mailing address.

Electronic Payments

As of 8/26/21, we will be transitioning from Speedpay to Paymentus for online payments. If you pay through Paymentus or a Western Union Payment location, we ask that you please email a copy of your payment confirmation to the Planner. Please be sure to still email or mail in the signed proposal to the Planner as well.

E Hoomaikai #6 (May 2021)

One Company Brochures

We have updated the Residential and Commercial and Large Customer Brochures that we had originally developed on Oahu, and made revisions to ensure they are applicable across our whole company. Please reference the updated brochures to better understand:

  • Key milestones in our process
  • Typical timeframes to be expected

All requests to Hawaiian Electric must be submitted online

Effective April 26, 2021, all applications for Hawaiian Electric support and electrical service must be made using our online Electrical Service Request Form.

Before submitting your request, please also review the “Form submission requirements” if you’re not familiar with them.

Billing party and customer account information required to create service request

Effective April 26, 2021, we are requiring Billing Party (BP) and Customer Account (CA) information for the creation of the online Electrical Service Request Form. Your Electrical Service Request will not be created if this information is not included on your application form.

Pictures for multiple meter residential property requests

For residential properties with multiple meters, we ask that contractors or developers please provide pictures at the time you submit the service request that includes the following:

  • Intended house
  • Meter number
  • Address display (if any) on the house

Please email them to us and ensure your email with the pictures includes the following in the subject line:

  • Project Name
  • TMK
  • Address

These pictures can help keep our employees safe, and keep residents from reacting negatively toward our Hawaiian Electric employees.

Unlicensed and tampering work will be reported

We have witnessed an ongoing issue with tampering work and unlicensed electricians doing work on behalf of licensed electricians. We have begun to report this type of activity and will continue to report it to appropriate authorities until we notice improvements.

E Hoomaikai #5 (February 2021)

Service Work Scheduled Via Email

As of Feb. 16 on Oahu, Hawaiian Electric began sending scheduled installation dates via email to contractors and customers for simple service/residential/bucket truck type of work.

To avoid delays, we encourage you to do your best to meet the initial scheduled date. However, if you cannot accept that date, you will need to send a reply email within a specified time frame, and provide the date that you will be ready. If you accept the job and then need to cancel for any reason, you need to reply to the original email with notice of your cancellation, and again, provide an alternative date. This will put your project at risk for considerable delays due to rescheduling.

Customer Payment to Proceed

Since October/November 2020, across our five-island service territory, we began requiring customer payment before we issue job packages to our T&D Operations group for scheduling of all work. This includes temporary service and associated fees.

To avoid delays, please submit your temporary service requests before you start your project and allow sufficient time for us to work with you.

Confirming your billing information when your request is made can help reduce some processing time. Please respond quickly to any requests for billing confirmation from our clerks as this is critical to moving your project forward.

Your Planner is your Main Point of Contact

For questions about the design of your project or installation, please consult your assigned planner. Do not discuss design issues, options or alternatives with a Hawaiian Electric inspector or other company personnel.

Be sure to consult your assigned planner before installing any equipment or digging any trenches, etc. Since you and your assigned planner should be most familiar with the ESIM, all design-related advice should come from your assigned planner. This will help minimize rework and delays to your project.

E Hoomaikai #4 (November 2020)

Submitting an Electrical Request Form Online

The online form is now available to all customers on the five islands we serve. If you need to submit a new request or would like your electric service upgraded, please submit an electrical request form online.

Rental Property

Please be sure to identify if your job is a rental property, especially for existing single-family homes. It is your responsibility to ensure the owner of the property authorizes removal of service and notifies any renter of your plans to have Hawaiian Electric work on your behalf, starting with a site visit.

Pole Bracing

We have updated the customer notes related to pole bracing to reflect the current organization and groups involved. These customer notes should be included on all consultant drawings with Hawaiian Electric work. Please be sure to follow these notes and directions whenever you are digging within 10 feet of a pole or anchor, other than shallow and narrow digging that may be done for a riser. If there are multiple risers, please contact us with expected width and depth so we can provide guidance.

Sketches for Service Requests

We will begin requiring "sketches" from contractors before opening service requests for basic residential service installations/removals. These can be hand drawn on 8.5x11 paper and do not need an engineer's stamp. It should be a simple, clear and legible sketch that includes:

  • General outline of the lot and house (including driveway)
  • Location of existing/proposed meter equipment, weatherhead (put an "X" over any equipment/cable to be removed)
  • Location of serving pole or handhole and general route/location of overhead or underground cable from pole or handhole to meter/service equipment

Email inquiries starting April 13

Effective Monday, April 13, Customer Installation administrative staff at our Ward Office will be working from home and the office is closed to the public until further notice. For any questions, customers should email

Ward office to remain closed until further notice

Hawaiian Electric is continuing to take steps to ensure that we are able to provide safe and reliable service to the public, even as health responses to COVID-19 are elevated on a daily basis. To minimize risk to customers who visit our offices and to our employees, our Ward Office continues to remain closed to the public until further notice.

We will continue to make site visits as normal, but will be strictly adhering to the social distancing guidelines recommended by county, state and federal health officials. We ask that you do the same should you see our employees in the field. Some of the guidelines include:

  • Avoid meeting in-person; communicate via email or phone when possible, even when in the same area.
  • Unavoidable in-person meetings should be short, keeping a distance of 6 feet between persons.

Our employees have been instructed to NOT accept forms and/or drawings while in the field.

Please see the previous post for the numerous options still available to submit service requests.

Ward office closed for walk-ins starting noon, March 18

We're taking steps to ensure that we will continue to provide safe and reliable service in light of elevated public health responses to COVID-19, which include increased social distancing as recommended by state and federal health officials.

To minimize risk to customers who visit our offices and to our employees, we will temporarily close our Ward Office for walk-ins starting at noon Wednesday, March 18. We will reassess the situation next week to determine if it is in the public interest to reopen access to the public to our Ward Office on Monday, March 30.

Customers still have numerous options to submit service requests and are encouraged to:

E Hoomaikai #3 (January 2020)

Residential Customer Project Guide

Our new residential customer brochure (PDF) outlines the installation steps and approximate timeline for residential customers looking to install new service or do a service upgrade.

Customer Installation Service Request Form Submission Requirements

More and more often, we receive service requests without required project information. By not having complete and required submission information, it will cause delays and waste resources for everyone. Please take a few minutes to review Hawaiian Electric's electrical service submission requirements (PDF) and remember to include all required information when submitting your service request.

E Hoomaikai #2 (August 2019)

9th Edition Electric Service Installation Manual (ESIM)

The ESIM is a publication of Hawaiian Electric and provides you with standards, guidelines and requirements for electric service and meter installations.

The changes in this edition primarily include clarifications and updates based on questions that we've received or discovered. The effective date of this revision is July 1, 2019.

Expansion of Upfront Deposits

In an effort to adequately manage our available resources, the Customer Installation Division (CID) of Hawaiian Electric will be expanding use of upfront deposits for the intake of requests. Currently, CID requires a deposit only for smaller jobs that do not have either a city building permit or engineering drawings. Going forward, we will be collecting deposits for the following additional services:

Type of Work

  • Stand-By Man Requests - $500
  • Power Availability Inquiries - $500 (OH) / $1,000 (UG)
  • Larger Jobs with Consultant Drawings - $5,000

E Hoomaikai #1 (April 2019)

Service Request Updates

Effective April 16, 2019, Hawaiian Electric will no longer create a service request on your behalf based on City and County (C&C) inspection release. The service request should be the first step once your plans are finalized and a building permit is secured (a building permit is not necessary for service requests initiated by hired consultants or if you are willing to pay a deposit to open a request ahead of time).

For any electrical work involving Hawaiian Electric facilities (including meters), the first step should always be the creation of a service request. When work proceeds without a service request, it inevitably causes delays and confusion for the end customer. The service request will:

  • Notify us of your plans
  • Give us an opportunity to ensure the plans are in compliance with standards
  • Give us a chance to provide a safe installation and adequate maintenance/access environment
  • Minimize the risk for re-work or delays due to unapproved or non-compliant work

When we receive notice of City & County (C&C) inspection approval, we should have already received the service request weeks/months prior. You must initiate a service request and ensure equipment and installation requirements are agreed upon well before requesting C&C inspection or release.

To create a service request, Commercial Customers (and 320A Residential Customers) should submit a request with our Customer Installation Form. Residential Customers (below 320A) should call (808) 543-7070 and speak with our administration team to get your requests started.

Commercial and Large Customer Project Timelines

Please view our Commercial and Large Customer brochure (PDF) to get an idea of the key milestones of our process, responsibility associated with each milestone, and a typical timeframe to complete these milestones. Service requests should be submitted in advance with these timeframes in mind to give us the best chance of meeting your needs.