Electrical Services

Power Quality Engineers

If further investigation is needed, Hawaiian Electric has specialized power quality equipment and a group of trained Power Quality Engineers to gather and analyze data and provide recommendations and possible solutions to you. Please call 543-4756.

Newsletter Updates

To increase communication and transparency, the Customer Installation Division (CID) of Hawaiian Electric Company created "E Hoomaikai", which means "to improve." Using these periodic emails, the Customer Installation Division hopes to improve communication with you and provide a clearer path to getting your projects completed on schedule. Find updates and information compiled from past quarterly emails (up to four) below.

E Hoomaikai #2 (August 2019)

9th Edition Electric Service Installation Manual (ESIM)

The ESIM is a publication of Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric, and Hawaii Electric Light, and provides you with standards, guidelines and requirements for electric service and meter installations.

The changes in this edition primarily include clarifications and updates based on questions that we've received or discovered. The effective date of this revision is July 1, 2019.

Expansion of Upfront Deposits

In an effort to adequately manage our available resources, the Customer Installation Division (CID) of Hawaiian Electric will be expanding use of upfront deposits for the intake of requests. Currently, CID requires a deposit only for smaller jobs that do not have either a city building permit or engineering drawings. Going forward, we will be collecting deposits for the following additional services:

Type of Work Applicable Deposit
Stand-By Man Requests $500
Power Availability Inquiries $500 (OH) / $1,000 (UG)
Larger Jobs with Consultant Drawings $5,000

E Hoomaikai #1 (April 2019)

Service Request Updates

Effective April 16, 2019, Hawaiian Electric will no longer create a service request on your behalf based on City and County (C&C) inspection release. The service request should be the first step once your plans are finalized and a building permit is secured (a building permit is not necessary for service requests initiated by hired consultants or if you are willing to pay a deposit to open a request ahead of time).

For any electrical work involving Hawaiian Electric facilities (including meters), the first step should always be the creation of a service request. When work proceeds without a service request, it inevitably causes delays and confusion for the end customer. The service request will:

  • Notify us of your plans
  • Give us an opportunity to ensure the plans are in compliance with standards
  • Give us a chance to provide a safe installation and adequate maintenance/access environment
  • Minimize the risk for re-work or delays due to unapproved or non-compliant work

When we receive notice of City & County (C&C) inspection approval, we should have already received the service request weeks/months prior. You must initiate a service request and ensure equipment and installation requirements are agreed upon well before requesting C&C inspection or release.

To create a service request, Commercial Customers (and 320A Residential Customers) should submit a request with our Customer Installation Form. Residential Customers (below 320A) should call 543-7070 and speak with our administration team to get your requests started.

Commercial and Large Customer Project Timelines

Please view our Commercial and Large Customer brochure to get an idea of the key milestones of our process, responsibility associated with each milestone, and a typical timeframe to complete these milestones. Service requests should be submitted in advance with these timeframes in mind to give us the best chance of meeting your needs.