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Selling Power to the Utility

Stage 3 Hawaii RFP Questions & Answers

Hawaiian Electric (sometimes also referred to as the "Company") provides the answers below, based on the best information available at the time an answer is posted, which may not reflect the scope and requirements of the final RFP. Prospective Proposers should review this Q&A page periodically to check for updates, additions, clarifications and/or corrections to any of Company's prior responses. Each Proposer is solely responsible for reviewing the final RFP (including all attachments and links) and all responses on this Q&A page. Each Proposer is also solely responsible for thoroughly investigating and informing itself with respect to all matters pertinent to the RFP, the Proposer's Proposal, and the Proposer's anticipated performance under the applicable power purchase agreement. It is the Proposer's responsibility to ensure it understands all requirements of the RFP and to seek clarification if the RFP's requirements or the Company's requests or responses are not clear. Accordingly, a potential Proposer may not rely upon a prior response that may be clarified or corrected in a subsequent response. Efforts will be made by the Company to highlight subsequent clarifications and corrections to prior responses, but potential Proposers are ultimately responsible for monitoring this Q&A page and to inquire with the Company regarding any perceived inconsistencies or contradictory information. Finally, a Proposer's submission of information to the Company will not be independently confirmed by the Company. All Proposers must separately request confirmation of receipt of submitted information if desired by any Proposer.


[Posted 11/5/21] The draft RFP filed on October 15, 2021 identified a Technical Status Conference on October 29, 2021. Did that status conference occur?


A virtual community meeting was held on October 28, 2021. Its recording can be viewed on YouTube at this link: virtual community meeting. The Company had anticipated that the Commission would continue its practice of holding a Technical Status Conference. The Company had tentatively indicated a date of October 29, 2021 for the Technical Status Conference in the draft RFP. However, the Company recognizes the Commission may set a different date for such conference or may forgo holding such conference at all. The Commission has not yet indicated a date for a Technical Status Conference but the Company will post on the Stage 3 Hawaii website when one is scheduled at