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Customer Renewable Programs

Shared Solar

As of May 2021

Hawaiian Electric is working with other stakeholders in the Community-Based Renewable Energy Docket (#2015-0389), as set forth in Public Utilities Commission Order #37592 to develop Phase 2 program improvements.

Phase 2 draft tariffs and RFPs were filed on March 30, 2021, for Commission review and approval. Other parties and participants to the docket filed comments on April 14, 2021.

After final approval by the Commission and posting of request for proposals from potential Subscriber Organizations, Hawaiian Electric will evaluate bids to determine which projects fit the requirements and best meet the needs of customers.

Solar Farm

As with other large-scale renewable energy projects, the selected Subscriber Organizations will need to notify communities and neighbors near their planned projects and receive comments and suggestions before the projects may be approved by the Commission. Some smaller projects up to 5 megawatts on Oahu and 2.5 MW on Maui and Hawaii islands will not require Commission approval if they meet all requirements.

Hawaiian Electric will issue Phase 2 requests for proposals for LMI, Molokai and Lanai projects upon receiving approval to launch and any guidance from the Commission. Proposals would be due 60 days later. RFPs for shared solar projects not dedicated to LMI customers are anticipated to be issue approximately 120 days after launch approval with proposals due 60 days later.

For small projects below 250 kilowatts, Hawaiian Electric will begin accepting applications upon Commission approval of Phase 2 through the shared solar portal which will be open at that time.

Hawaiian Electric expects Phase 2 projects will be ready for subscriber enrollment starting in 2022.

Hawaiian Electric has developed an online CBRE (shared solar) Portal where customers will be able to subscribe to a project once the Subscriber Organization has added their project to the portal. This separate website is expected to go online for the public once Commission’s approval is issued. At that time, customers who are potential subscribers will be able to see all available projects on their island and determine which is best for them. Customers will then deal directly with the Subscriber Organizations to participate. The portal will be updated as new projects become available or other factors change.

Work on Phase 1 projects continues. The 28.32-kilowatt ROIZ project on Maui achieved commercial operation on Dec. 1, 2020. The 270kW Mililani Tech Solar 1 project on Oahu achieved commercial operation on Feb. 1, 2021. A contract has been signed for the 3-megawatt Palailai project in Kapolei on Oahu with construction expected to be finished in Q2 of 2022. Two other projects on Oahu, one on Hawaii Island and one on Molokai are still in development.

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CBRE Phase 2 application capacity for each island, Tranche 1

As of July 19, 2021 Oahu Maui Hawaii Lanai Molokai
Phase 2, Tranche 1 Program Capacity (kW) 90,000 15,975 15,000 3,000 2,750
Total Applied Capacity (kW) - - - - -
Available Capacity (kW) 90,000 15,975 15,000 3,000 2,750
Capacity in Queue (kW) - - - - -
# Applications in Queue - - - - -

CBRE Phase 2 capacity limits for individual projects, Tranche 1

Location Large Projects Small Projects LMI
Oahu 75 MW 15 MW Minimum 1 uncapped project
Maui 12.5 MW 2.5 + 975 kW from Phase 1 Minimum 1 uncapped project
Hawaii Island 12.5 MW 2.5 MW Minimum 1 uncapped project
Lanai 2.5 + 500 kW from Phase 1 -
Molokai 2.5 + 250 kW from Phase 1 -

CBRE Phase 2 capacity limits for individual projects, Tranche 2

Location Large Projects Small Projects
Oahu 75 MW 5 MW
Maui 12.5 MW 2.5 MW
Hawaii Island 12.5 MW 2.5 MW

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