We Put Safety First

Get the tools and knowledge necessary to keep you, your family, and your community safe when it comes to electricity.

Report Power Outages

Call 1-855-304-1212 if you are currently experiencing a power outage.

Safety & Outages

General Checklist

  • Know the (Civil Defense) warning signals and where shelters are located
  • Place important documents such as insurance papers in waterproof bags or containers
  • Keep cash or travelers checks on hand
  • Fill up the gas tank of your car
  • Always have a home survival kit ready 

Outside the Home

  • Tie down or store all loose objects
  • Bring potted plants into the house
  • Remove and store lanai furniture
  • Throw deck furniture into the pool
  • Cover all windows and door openings with boards, shutters or other shielding materials
  • For cooking, purchase butane, propane or a canned heat stove and enough fuel for 3-5 days, or a charcoal grill and charcoal. Do not use these units indoors.
  • Properly secure propane tanks in a cool, dry and well-ventilated storage area
  • If you have photovoltaic panels installed on your roof, consult your licensed solar contractor regarding normal and emergency operation procedures for your system

Inside the Home

  • Check emergency equipment such as flashlights; emergency generators; battery-operated, hand-crank, or solar-powered radios; light sticks and lanterns
  • Unplug electric appliances you may not need or use
  • Stock up on nonperishable foods, medications and personal hygiene, sanitary and baby supplies to last about 5-7 days
  • Purchase bottled water or store enough for one gallon per person per day, for about 5-7 days
  • Keep a first-aid kit and special medications
  • Pack a manual can opener and bottle opener
  • Turn your refrigerator/freezer to the coldest setting; in the event of a power outage, food will keep fresh longer
  • Stock an ice chest with ice or frozen ice packs
  • Wedge a dowel or a piece of broom handle into the track of sliding glass doors to secure them
  • Store matches or a lighter in a waterproof container
  • Keep a whistle to signal for help
  • If you own a pet, have extra pet food and water

Outage Updates