Power Quality

Reporting a Power Outage

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Power Quality

The term "Power Quality" is defined simply as any change in the power entering your electrical equipment that interferes with normal operation of the equipment or appliance.

Equipment manufacturers talk in terms of characteristics needed to make their products work properly and obviously this varies widely with each model and manufacturer. In some cases, the disturbance may originate outside the home. But in many cases, site conditions such as loose or improperly sized household wiring or corroded connections may cause or exacerbate the disturbance.

Small disturbances in the electric power supply that may have gone unnoticed in the past can become a concern in today's electronic homes. From TVs and computers to microwave ovens and air-conditioning systems, many high-tech home appliances respond to even the briefest electrical variations. To help our customers' homes run smoothly, Hawaiian Electric Company collaborates with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to investigate how well electronic equipment can tolerate power disturbances and we then work with manufacturers to increase their products' tolerance to power quality disturbances. A simple example of such a product improvement is a cable box with battery backup to save programming settings.

Applying the methods discussed in this power quality website can help all your home electronics work better.