Power Outages

Outage Map FAQs

Q: How often is the outage map updated?
A: The outage map is updated every 15 minutes.  Depending on when the outage is reported and recorded in the system, the delay for it to be displayed can be up to 15 minutes.

Q: If my area is showing an outage on the map, should I still report my power being out?
A: Yes. Even though an outage may be displayed in your area, please always report your outage if you are without power. Reporting the outage gives our crew information about your specific address, and allows us to ensure that we restore power to all those affected.

You can report an outage using our online form or by calling our toll-free 24/7 Trouble Line: 1-855-304-1212

Q: How do I zoom in on the map?
A: On the left-hand side there are plus and minus buttons beneath the menu button. The plus button zooms in on the map; the minus button zooms out. Double-clicking on the map also zooms in. You can also zoom in on a particular outage by clicking on it to bring up the details and then clicking on the "Zoom" link on the bottom left corner of the details box.

Q: What does "Multiple Outages" mean?
A: The outage map shows the multiple outages icon when there is more than one outage in the same area. The number of outages in that particular area is displayed over the icon. By zooming in, you will be able to see the individual outages and get detailed information.

Q: What do the "Current Status" icons mean?
A: These icons reflect the status of our response to the specific outage. The icons can tell you if we have a first responder en route or if our crew is currently working to safely restore power as quickly as possible.

Q: What determines the location and shape of the outage displayed?
A: The outage polygons are generated by the location and service area that is affected. If there is only one customer out, then you will not see an actual polygon but a small circle noting the area affected.

Q: Is there an outage map for Maui County and Hawaii Island?
A: No, this outage map is only for Oahu. 

Q: Is every single outage displayed on the outage map?
A: Yes, every outage that has been reported is displayed on the map. There is a 15-minute delay in the information that may be seen on the outage map due to timing of when the outage is reported and when the information is displayed online.

Q: Will outages for military housing appear on the map?
A: Outages for military housing will not appear on the outage map. The military is responsible for the electricity provided to your home. Please be sure to contact your housing management to report any outages or issues with power. After assessment, the military will contact Hawaiian Electric for any coordination of power restoration as it relates to our equipment if needed.

Q: What does the "Find my location" button do?
A: The "Find my location" button on the left navigation bar beneath the home button can be used if you have geolocation activated on your mobile device. By clicking on the button, your personal location will be marked on the outage map with a blue dot.

Q: How is the customer count calculated?
A: The customer count reflects the number of service addresses affected, not individuals. A single service address can be a household or it can also be a building like a condo. Just because the customer count may appear low, there could be many more individuals at each affected service address.

Q: How can I receive updates on current outages?
A: Updates are posted on our Twitter account @HwnElectric and are tagged #OahuOutage. They can also be seen on our website in the Outage Updates module below the outage map.

Q: What are the browser requirements for the outage map?
A: The outage map should be viewed in the most up-to-date browser available for your computer or device to ensure the best compatibility and performance. Here are the most recent versions of commonly used browsers:

  • Google Chrome (53.0.2785.89)
  • Firefox (48.0.2)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari (9.1.2)

Version information accurate as of 9/2/2016.