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Introducing a new way to quickly get information.

The Hawaiian Electric Mobile App

The Hawaiian Electric mobile app makes it quicker for you to retrieve the information you need. You can get information for known outages, view outages near your current location, and report outages from your phone. The app also provides important notifications from our company. Our Hawaiian Electric mobile app is available for free on Apple iTunes and Google Play store.

App Store for Apple devices

Google Play for Android devices

View Outages in Your Area

The app uses the geolocation features on your phone to display information on outages near you. If the lights go out, this feature will provide you information on the impact of your outage and potential estimates of restoration time.

View Outage Map

View current outage information displayed on a map for incidents anywhere on Oahu. Zoom in and see the affected area and click on the individual icons to find information like number of customers out, outage start time, estimated time of restoration, status, and areas impacted.

Report an Outage

Report an outage by phone with the touch of a button or use our online form to report without having to make a call. You always want to report your outage to us to make sure that our crews are aware that your specific address is without power.

Get Notifications

Get up to date alerts from us regarding important information like road closures, storm updates, planned outages, press releases, and more! You control the notification settings according to your preferences.