Outdoor Safety

Excavation Clearances

The Customer Installations Department manages requests for excavation clearances.


Walk-in customers may drop off their request for excavation clearance at 820 Ward Avenue. A shelf in the lobby area has been designated as the drop-off location. Please ask the Hawaiian Electric Security personnel located in the lobby if you require assistance.

The customer must submit the following information:

  1. One set of plan(s), map(s), or sketch(es) indicating the excavation area (11" x 17" preferred)
  2. Name
  3. Daytime phone number
  4. Address for the project site (include Tax Map Key(s))
  5. If the customer is excavating within a public right-of-way, the following form(s) shall be submitted:
    • Site Development Division Master Application Form (C&C of Honolulu)
    • Permit to Perform Work Upon State Highways (State of Hawaii)

Hawaiian Electric will sign the form(s) and return it to the customer with the issuance of the Hawaiian Electric Excavation Clearance Form. Please call Kenneth Jen (EFT Researcher) at (808) 543-7086 for questions regarding this policy.

Sign & Pick-Up

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Customers requesting to sign and pick-up a Hawaiian Electric Excavation Clearance Form should contact the following EFT Researchers:

Kenneth Jen: (808) 543-7086
Bryan Yonaha: (808) 543-7085

Note: This policy does not apply to Building Permits. Approvals for Building Permits should be referred to the Customer Installations Department, Administrative & Clerical Section at (808) 543-7070.