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Recent Recipes

Fresh Fruit Squares

June 16, 2021

Summertime is here! This fresh fruit squares recipe is easy to make and full of fresh fruit flavor.

Click here to see the full Fresh Fruit Squares recipe.

Ono Corn Salsa

June 2, 2021

Grab a bag of tortilla chips or fry your own at home because you’ll find yourself snacking on this Ono Corn Salsa all weekend long!

Click here to see the full Ono Corn Salsa recipe.

Sesame Crusted Island Fish

June 1, 2021

This beautifully crusted fish of your choice will have your family begging for the recipe, and demanding another portion!

Click here to see the full Sesame Crusted Island Fish recipe.

Kaji’s Namasu

May 12, 2021

Chef Blake Kaji of Kaji’s Kitchen quickly pivoted when his restaurant closed during the lockdown and forced him, like many chefs, to find other ways of sharing their passion for cooking. Through selling homecooked meals on Instagram, at popup events, and at Hawaii Kai Farmer’s Market, Chef Kaji was given the opportunity to continue to serve his community through food.

Click here to see the full Kaji’s Namasu recipe.

Tilapia Fish Cake

May 5, 2021

Here in Hawaii, we love a good fish cake. Whether served in a bento or on its own as pupus, fish cake gives many of us a feeling of nostalgia. This recipe for delicious golden brown tilapia fish cake will take you back to your childhood.

Click here to see the full Tilapia Fish Cake recipe.

Quick Pickled Local Vegetables

May 5, 2021

These amazing quick pickled local vegetables would go great as a snack, as well as a wonderful compliment to a full course!

Click here to see the full Quick Pickled Local Vegetables recipe.

Creamy Sriracha Dipping Sauce

May 5, 2021

Enjoy this homemade take on the popular Sriracha dipping sauce - a perfect addition to any meal.

Click here to see the full Creamy Sriracha Dipping Sauce recipe.

Creamy Cucumber Dipping Sauce

May 5, 2021

This light, cool dipping sauce is the best option when looking to temper down a spicy hot dish. It is sure to make your mouth water!

Click here to see the full Creamy Cucumber Dipping Sauce recipe.

Curried Chicken Salad

May 1, 2021

Featuring a delicious blend of chicken, fruit, and veggies, this steaming hot bowl of flavor is sure to make you come back for more!

Click here to see the full Curried Chicken Salad recipe.

Ulu (Breadfruit) Sourdough Stuffing

April 29, 2021

Best served at a large family gathering or potluck, this breadfruit stuffing brings back memories of home in every piping hot bite.

Click here to see the full Ulu Sourdough Stuffing recipe.

Tofu Poke

April 29, 2021

This tasty tofu poke is ideal for those looking to stray away from raw fish (vegan, vegetarian) but still want to get that delicious poke flavor.

Click here to see the full Tofu Poke recipe.