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Electric Vehicles

Commercial Facility

Commercial customers seeking to add EV charging services should work with an electrical design consultant to understand their installation options. Facilities may maintain their current commercial rate or choose a new, separately metered rate, Schedule EV-F, to benefit from time-of-use (TOU) pricing. This EV TOU rate may help with bill charges resulting from high electrical demand. For more information contact us at one of the following.

Commercial Pilot Rates

Schedule EV-F (commercial account for high demand charging with separate meter)

Schedule EV-F allows commercial customers to have separately metered EV public charging infrastructure on a time-of-use rate without a demand charge. Please see Schedule EV-F for the current rates.

Commercial customers enrolling on Schedule EV-F will have a new EV-F meter exclusive for EV charging up to 100 kW. There may be no more than 5 kW of ancillary load, to allow for services exclusively for the charging station such as lighting, monitoring, and point of sale equipment. The customer's existing load will remain on existing meter(s). There is a $5.00 monthly metering charge. The customer must hire a licensed electrician to install and connect the new meter infrastructure. Schedule EV-F has no demand charge during any of the time-of-use periods. The lowest rates will be offered from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

A permit will be required for the electrical work for the installation of the new, separate meter for EV-F. Permit closure is required before EV-F rate enrollment.

Hawaiian Electric's Electric Vehicle (EV) Pilot Rate Schedule EV-F is open to 100 customers on Oahu, 40 in Maui County, and 40 on Hawaii Island for public Level 2 or DC Fast Charging accounts. The pilot will be in effect until June 2023.

Additional Information