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Customer Renewable Programs

Expedited Validation Option

The Expedited Validation Option (EVO) is a program on Oahu that allows contractors with a track record of submitting complete validation packets to have the option of fast-tracking the interconnection process for customers.

Rather than submitting a full validation for every installation, contractors may submit a simple attestation form, signed by the customer, acknowledging that they have done everything that is required for validation. Upon receipt of the form, the Hawaiian Electric will submit the meter change request putting the customer on a faster-track to self-generated energy production.

In return for this simpler process, the Hawaiian Electric will routinely audit a sampling of the total installations to verify that the contractors are abiding by the information submitted in their attestation.

Congratulations to the contractors listed below who’ve earned EVO status for July 1 – December 31, 2019!

  • RevoluSun LLC
  • Hawaii Energy Connection LLC
  • Sunrun Installation Services Inc.
  • Alternate Energy Inc.
  • Eco Solar LLC
  • Haleakala Solar

Contractors who take advantage of the Expedited Validation Option will be audited in order to verify compliance and to maintain EVO status for the next period. Contractors will be notified every second and fourth Monday of the month that one or more applications (chosen at random by the company) have been chosen for an audit. When this occurs, the contractor will have five business days to submit a complete validation for the designated application. If the audit is rejected for any reason, the system will be deemed non-compliant and will eventually result in a private rooftop solar system lock out if the contractor isn’t able to submit a successful validation packet in a timely manner.