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Customer Renewable Programs

Community-Based Renewable Energy Phase 1

Hawaiian Electric opened the first phase of the Community-Based Renewable Energy in June 2018, accepting applications from interested companies, organizations, developers, or groups that wished to become a subscriber organization and propose a community solar project.

Only solar projects were eligible for the initial phase of 8 megawatts of capacity available statewide, equivalent to a small grid-scale array, as approved by the Commission. Some projects for Phase 1 are still in development under the original rules. Hawaiian Electric expects two Phase 1 CBRE projects to go online in 2020 Q4. The unallocated capacity from Phase 1 has been rolled over into Phase 2. No Phase 1 capacity is currently available.

The original capacity and credit rate of Phase 1 by island
Island Capacity (MW) Credit Rate ($/kWh) Technology Capacity in Queue (kW) # Applications in Queue
Oahu 5.0 0.15 Solar - -
Hawaii Island 1.0 0.15 Solar - -
Maui 1.0 0.165 Solar - -
Molokai 0.5 0.225 Solar - -
Lanai 0.5 0.26 Solar - -
Total 8.0 - -

Hawaiian Electric will keep this website updated with the most recent general information available, including qualified subscriber organizations. Check back regularly if you are interested in the community solar program. Utility customers can also call 808-543-7474 from Oahu or 833-411-3603 from Maui, Molokai, Lanai or Hawaii Island.