Q&A for Windstorm Response

Updated Aug 21, 2023 at 10:30 a.m.

Q: When can I expect my power to be restored?

We thank customers for their patience and understanding as we continue to assess the overall damage and work to establish restoration timelines. Our crews are working to restore power to customers as quickly and safely as possible.

There has been a tremendous amount of damage to the system at the distribution and substation level – these are the parts of the system that deliver electricity to communities and neighborhoods. Because of the extensive damage, the system is still fragile and the restoration must be done carefully to, above all, ensure the safety of the public and our workers

Q: My lights came on and then went off again? What should I do?

After the power comes back on, there may be intermittent outages. Customers who experience an outage should report it to our 24/7 Maui trouble line at 808-871-7777.

Q: Where are crews working today?

For current updates, please visit hawaiianelectric.com/windstormresponse.

Q: What if I encounter a hazardous condition or downed power lines?

If you encounter hazardous condition or see any downed power lines, please contact our 24/7 Maui Trouble Line – 808-871-7777. The public is reminded to exercise caution as certain areas are brought back online and to stay away from downed power lines – at least 30 feet or more.

Q: My power is still out – will I receive an electric bill?

Bills were suspended for approximately 18,000 customers located in the affected areas (parts of West Maui and Upcountry) to ensure that those who have experienced a loss can focus on their well-being and taking care of themselves and their families. Any customer who would like to continue paying as normal may do so. Please contact our call center at 808-871-9777 to have bills released from the suspension.

Q: Can I use a portable generator?

If using a portable generator, carefully follow instructions in the manufacturer's manual, for your safety and the safety of Hawaiian Electric employees working to restore electricity to the distribution system. Don’t plug household electrical outlets to the generator. Instead, plug your equipment or appliance directly into the generator. Make sure the wattage requirements of the appliance don’t exceed the capacity of your generator or extension cord. Also, be sure to provide adequate ventilation for exhaust and cooling. And store reserve fuel in a safe place away from the generator or any other equipment that might ignite the fuel; use containers designed for fuel storage.

Q: How is Hawaiian Electric preparing for storm systems that may be headed toward Hawaii?

We will be working closely with our state and county emergency management partners to develop the action plan for the approaching storm systems.