Special Medical Needs


The Hawaiian Electric Companies recognize that some of our customers depend on life support equipment at home and/or have increased heating or cooling needs due to a medical condition. This may increase electricity bills on top of other health care expenses. The Hawaiian Electric Companies created the Special Medical Needs Pilot Program rate to help such customers.  This pilot program is available now and expires March 31, 2019. 

Below are Special Medical Needs Pilot rates for customers on Oahu. Neighbor Island rates will vary but offer similar reductions. 

UseSpecial Medical Needs
rate per kilowatt-hour*
Reduced from:
First 350 kWhr per month-per kWhr 4.1034 cents 8.1034 cents
Next 150 kWhr per month-per kWhr 5.2569 cents 9.2569 cents
Next 700 kWhr per month-per kWhr 9.2569 cents  
All kWhr over 1,200 kWhr per month-per kWhr 11.1343 cents  

* Rates shown exclude base fuel energy charge of 13.6062 cents and customer charge.

How to Enroll

Enrollment is open now through March 31, 2019 for up to a total 2,000 residential customers of Hawaiian Electric, Hawaii Electric Light and Maui Electric Companies.

Enrollment Form

To apply, please fill out the form, get a licensed physician's signature and submit it to your local electric company by hand or by mail. Please do not submit electronically. The companies will review each application for completeness and may need to verify the applicant lives full-time at the service address.

Who May Qualify

To qualify, a Hawaii-licensed physician must certify that a full-time resident in the home has one of the following medical issues:

  • Dependent on a life-support device used in the home, which includes but is not limited to: respirators; iron lungs; hemodialysis machines; suction machines; electric nerve stimulators; pressure pads and pumps; aerosol tents; electrostatic and ultrasonic nebulizers; compressors; intermittent positive pressure breathing (IPPB) machines; and motorized wheelchairs; or
  • A paraplegic, hemiplegic, or quadriplegic person, or a multiple sclerosis patient with special heating and/or cooling needs; or
  • A person being treated for a life-threatening illness, or a person with a compromised immune system with special heating and/or cooling needs to sustain the life of the person or prevent deterioration of the person's medical condition; or
  • A scleroderma patient with special heating needs.