COVID-19 Updates

Meter Reading Resumes

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Hawaiian Electric scaled back meter reading from mid-March through early May to protect the health and safety of employees and the public. As of May 11, we've resumed normal meter reading operations across the five islands we serve.

While meter reading was scaled back, bills for residential and some small- to medium-size commercial accounts may have been estimated based on the previous month's usage. We recognize that the estimated bill may not reflect the account's actual usage, which may have changed due to the pandemic.

The billing statement following an estimated bill is considered the true-up bill, which will account for any overestimates or underestimates between the estimated and actual meter read. We want to assure you that the meter reading used to calculate your bill is verified for accuracy.

  • For accounts that have reduced energy use during the pandemic, the true-up bill will account for any overestimation from the prior estimated bill.
  • For accounts that have increased energy use due to the shelter-in-place order, the true-up bill will account for any underestimation from the prior estimated bill.

We encourage customers who are having difficulty paying their bill because of the coronavirus pandemic to submit a request for payment arrangement at We've also extended the moratorium on meter disconnections due to nonpayment through June 30. Hawaiian Electric is here to work with you during this difficult time.

If you need assistance managing your energy costs during this time, Hawaii Energy is a trusted resource for tips and rebates to help offset the costs of energy-saving equipment and services. For more information, please visit or call (808) 537-5577.

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