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Hawaiian Electric wins CS Week 2017 Expanding Excellence Award

Recognizing partnership with Stem, Inc. and Ibis Networks to provide public schools and commercial customers intelligent energy optimization software

Release Date: 5/24/2017

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Dora Nakafuji

Dora Nakafuji of Hawaiian Electric Company and Tad Glauthier of Stem, Inc.

Honolulu, HI and Millbrae, CA - May 24, 2017 - The Hawaiian Electric Companies have been honored with a CS Week 2017 Expanding Excellence Award for Best Analytics Project for work with Stem, Inc. and Ibis Networks to provide 400 Hawaii public schools and businesses with tools to monitor electricity use and control costs while making the grid more efficient for all customers.

CS Week, a conference this year in Fort Worth, Texas, provides professional education for the electric, gas, and water/wastewater utilities, cooperatives and municipalities in North America. The Expanding Excellence Awards honor outstanding contributions and innovations in utility service to customers.

To increase renewable energy – including private rooftop solar and grid-scale solar and wind – the Hawaiian Electric Companies are working with customers to improve planning, forecasting and analytic grid management. A three-year, $1.2-million initiative provides public schools and commercial customers with data and highly sophisticated analytics technologies to build a more modern, multi-directional grid.

In the past year, Stem, Inc. has installed its energy monitoring and analytics software at 400 public schools and commercial buildings across five islands. The software, an offshoot of Stem’s intelligent control platform for energy storage networks, provides customers with detailed information about energy usage in real-time with insights that help them make decisions about reducing energy costs. Funding for this project came from Elemental Excelerator, as well as U.S. Department of Energy SunShot program and Hawaiian Electric’s Smart Power for Schools, which uses customer donations to employ smart technologies for public schools.

Simultaneously, Ibis InteliSockets’ advance analysis/control platform enables customers to track and schedule high-use plug-in devices for maximum efficiency and savings.

“Customers in Hawaii are increasingly trying to actively manage their energy costs through conservation, energy efficiency and renewables. This initiative provides tools to understand real-time use, with insight on high-use appliances, weather conditions and grid-interactivity information to customize use and maximize conservation,” said Dora Nakafuji, Hawaiian Electric director of renewable energy planning.

“In this partnership pilot, the customer and utility can ‘see’ in real-time how much energy is being used, when and by which devices to better manage choices such as sizing onsite clean energy options.”

For the customer, the tools offer customization and control in their own environment. Intelligent monitoring software helps schools more accurately size solar PV systems to their energy needs and control air conditioning and other energy costs. Through more active engagement with customers, the utility benefits from 24/7 load data, power quality monitoring and onsite generation information.

“Hawaiian Electric is at the forefront of the nation in bringing clean energy and cutting-edge energy management tools to its customers, empowering them to help strengthen an island grid infrastructure lacking advanced optimization controls. This initiative helps them defer more expensive infrastructure investments,” said John Carrington, CEO of Stem, Inc. “Stem is pleased to help Hawaiian Electric bring energy management into the classroom by training teachers and other educators. We call these efforts Stem for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).”

The pilot program is led by Hawaiian Electric’s renewable energy planning team working with other utility departments at Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric, and Hawaii Electric Light Company, in partnership with the Hawaii Department of Education.

About Stem, Inc.
Stem creates innovative technology services that transform the way energy is distributed and consumed. The company’s mission is to build and operate the largest digitally connected energy storage network for our customers. Our world class analytics optimize the value of customer’s energy assets and facilitate their participation in energy markets, yielding economic and societal benefits while decarbonizing the grid. Headquartered in Millbrae, California, Stem is funded by a consortium of leading investors including Angeleno Group, Iberdrola (Inversiones Financieras Perseo) GE Ventures, Constellation Technology Ventures, Total Energy Ventures, Mitsui & Co. LTD., RWE Supply & Trading, and Mithril Capital Management. Visit for more information.

About Hawaiian Electric, Inc.
Since 1891, Hawaiian Electric Company has powered the islands' development from a Hawaiian kingdom to a modern American state. Hawaiian Electric and its subsidiaries, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light, serve the islands of Oahu, Maui, Lanai, Molokai and Hawaii, home to 95 percent of Hawaii’s people. In a changing world, the Hawaiian Electric Companies are leading in adding renewable energy and developing energy solutions for customers to achieve a clean energy future for Hawaii. To commemorate its 125th anniversary, Hawaiian Electric is giving back to the community with 125 Acts of Aloha. These charitable donations and service projects will benefit agencies and programs committed to building a more sustainable future for Hawaii. More:

About Ibis Networks
Ibis Networks is a leading provider of energy management solutions for the enterprise. Our products use advanced IT technologies to provide building owners with actionable insights and advanced control tools for their energy use, enabling them to make more informed decisions and save money. The flagship InteliNetwork system provides industry leading plug load management tools for commercial buildings. Ibis is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, with offices in California and Washington.

Josh Garrett
Antenna Group for Stem, Inc.

Peter Rosegg
Hawaiian Electric

Dale Uno
Ibis Networks