Hawaiian Electric customers should remain vigilant as Tropical Storm Olivia passes Oahu

  • Hawaiian Electric continues to monitor Tropical Storm Olivia’s erratic track through the Hawaiian Islands and respond to outages as they occur. As of 3:30 p.m., about 1,200 customers were without power.
  • Hawaiian Electric's call center, downtown payment center and offices will operate on normal business hours on Thursday.
  • Though the storm is weakening, customers should remain prepared for outages along with heavy winds and rain and possible flooding.

Release Date: 9/12/2018

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HONOLULU, Sept. 12, 2018 – Hawaiian Electric continues to respond to outages caused by Tropical Storm Olivia's erratic passage through the islands. Customers should continue to monitor weather reports and be prepared for possible outages. As strong winds and heavy rain are expected to continue as late as Friday, the storm still has potential to cause damage.

Oahu customers should report outages by calling the trouble line at 1-855-304-1212 or using the Hawaiian Electric mobile app downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play Store. Outages reported through the mobile app go directly into the utility's system operations computers to provide restoration planners the best possible picture of conditions. Even if the online outage map is not visible or updated, outages should still be reported this way if possible.

In the aftermath of the storm, consider the following safety and preparedness tips:

  • Stay at least 30 feet away from downed power lines, which may still be energized. If you encounter a downed line, do not attempt to touch or move it. Call 9-1-1 if there is danger to people or property.
  • Unplug electric appliances you may not need or use until the storm has passed or until power is restored.
  • If you are using a portable generator, place it and fuel containers in a well-ventilated area (outside the home), and be sure to carefully follow manufacturer's safety instructions. Be vigilant if using candles inside the home.
  • Most rooftop solar PV systems will not operate when power is out. Grid-tied systems are designed to shut down in the event of outages for safety reasons. After a storm, do not attempt to clear or fix a rooftop solar system that does not appear to be working. Contact your solar contractor if you have any questions.

More electrical safety and preparation tips are available in the companies' Handbook for Emergency Preparedness, available in five languages, at www.hawaiianelectric.com/prepare.