Electrical Installation and Standards

Interconnection Standards for Developers

The interconnection standards for generating facilities provide technical guidelines for our electrical system, including distribution, subtransmission and transmission level interconnections.

These interconnection requirements have been established to maintain safety, reliability, and power quality standards for all our customers and employees. We promote the following:

  • Safety - To protect the safety of utility personnel, utility customers, and the public.
  • Reliability - To maintain the reliability of the utility system for all utility customers.
  • Power Quality - To provide for acceptable power quality and voltage regulation on the utility system and for all utility customers.
  • Restoration - To facilitate restoration of power on the utility system.
  • Protect Utility and Customer Equipment - To protect utility and customer equipment during steady state and faulted system operating conditions.
  • Protect Generating Facilities - To protect generating facilities from operation of utility protective and voltage regulation equipment.
  • Utility System Overcurrent Devices - To maintain proper operation of the utility system’s overcurrent protection equipment.
  • Utility System Operating Efficiency - To ensure operation at appropriate power factors and minimize system losses.

We encourage developers and customers to review and discuss these technical interconnection standards with us before proceeding with the design and procurement of Generating Facility equipment.