The calculation of WEFORd is as follows:

Weighted Equivalent Forced Outage Rate demand - WEFORd
WEFORd = SUM[(FOHd + EFDHd) x NMC] x 100%
SUM[(SH + FOHd) x NMC]


FOHd = f x FOH
EFDHd = (EFDH - EFDHRS) if reserve shutdown events reported, or
= (fp x EFDH) if no reserve shutdown events reported - an approximation.
fp = (SH/AH)

WEFORd Formula

r=Average Forced outage deration=(FOH)/(# of FO occurrences)
D=Average demand time=(SH)/(# of unite actual starts)
T=Average reserve shutdown time=(RSH)/(# of unite attempted starts)

See NERC GADS Appendix F for a definition of each parameter. The Hawaiian Electric Companies follow the methodology described in Note 1, Method (II) of Appendix F.